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Zilch launches new zero-waste kitchen box, making it easy to go plastic-free around the home

kitchen box zero waste Zilch

Zilch launches new zero-waste kitchen box, making it easy to go plastic-free around the home


After the success of its signature box, which makes it easy to go zero waste in the bathroom, Zilch has launched a new curated box of products for the kitchen, available on their online store.  
Zilch, an online store making it easy to go plastic free in your daily routines, are launching a new kitchen box, to make it even easier to go plastic free around the home. Every product is 100% plastic free, zero waste, home compostable and sustainably made, all supporting local Australian brands making a difference. 

Since launching in July 2020, Zilch bathroom box sales have prevented over 15 thousand plastic products and containers from going into landfill or the ocean. Zilch is 100% plastic free as a business, from the products it sells to the packaging it ships them in, and uses carbon neutral shipping across Australia.
Founder of Zilch, Rachel Sebastian said “I found it so hard to find brands I could trust with truly zero waste alternatives. One product had natural ingredients, but packaged in plastic. Another might have no plastic at all, but contained traces of palm oil. I wanted to make it really easy for everyone else to make changes to zero waste products.”
The online store has been designed to make creating a box really simple. There’s only one type of product to choose from, each going through careful and thorough testing, so buyers know this is the best product for them, and the planet. 
10% of Zilch’s profits go to The Seabin Project, an initiative that collects over 3 thousand kilograms of plastic waste, oil and detergents from the ocean every day. Since Zilch launched, this donation has removed nearly 150kg of debris from the ocean, and has filtered the equivalent of 8 olympic sized swimming pools of water. 

About Zilch

Founded by Design Director Rachel Sebastian, Zilch’s mission is to help everyone make a big impact through small changes to their daily routines. It’s store focusses on simple choices of carefully curated products, that are zero-waste and 100% plastic-free, no baddies (palm oil, animal cruelty or toxins), all without compromising on style.

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