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Love is all around this Valentine’s with Curated Pieces' wellness range

Curated Pieces Valentine wellness

Love is all around this Valentine’s with Curated Pieces' wellness range

Curated Pieces

Curated Pieces' wellness range includes, essential oils, massage oils, bath and shower washes and salt-lamps, perfect for you to create the ideal space to let love flow.


In these very different times it’s important to look after yourself and your well-being.

Indulge in a little self-love and self-care and be kind to yourself. Just getting through the last year alone is enough to celebrate so why not take some time out to check in and rebalance. Looking after yourself so you can be even better for the people in your life.


Breathe, relax and indulge in our range of bath and shower washes with blends of essential oils.

Having a relaxing soak in the bath is the perfect way to unwind after all those video calls. Switch off those devices and deep breathe those meetings away.


Create a calming glow and balance your mood with our salt lamp range.

Studies have shown they introduce negative ions to the air bringing balance and key wellness benefits. Key benefits include aiding restful sleep, boosting mood, and reducing allergens.


We love the calming glow they bring too! Perfect to bring ambience and a calming effect to any room.


Diffuse an essential oil blend to suit you
Essentials oils have been proven to calm and relax. Different blends have been proven to effect your nervous system differently. Key benefits can include 
reducing tension, reducing emotional stress, reducing inflammation as well as boosting moods.We have a number of top tips for our favourite essential oil blends too.

For the winter nose stuffiness
We're in love with Lemongrass and Eucalyptus. 

For concentration, energy, and motivation
We're a fan of the citrus blends Orange, or Lime, or even Bergamot.

For general chilled vibes

We're a fan of Vanilla and Clary sage. 

Our Destress range also provides the perfect pre-blended combination to allow you to rebalance and unwind.

We hope that you find something you love. Take a look at our range: https://curatedpieces.com/wellness/

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