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Taking all the waste plastic and some of the hassle out of spring cleaning

plastic spring spring cleaning waste plastic

Taking all the waste plastic and some of the hassle out of spring cleaning


Subscription Options for whatever your attitude to cleaning is
– from ‘Monica from Friends’ to 'I've Been Known to Do Bit'


The new eco-friendly cleaning range, Raindrop, has just made spring cleaning a bit easier with the launch of a new subscription service, which lets customers choose how often they want a refill pack of cleaning pods delivered through their letterbox.   Dropping a Raindrop cleaning pod into tap water turns it into a powerful cleaning product in under 20 seconds.


Raindrop pods create no plastic waste and are completely vegan and cruelty-free. They use an eco-friendly formula perfected in the UK over years of trials to rival leading household cleaning brands.


As well as being convenient for customers, a Raindrop pod subscription cuts transport pollution, with no need to transport heavy liquids from supplier to warehouse to store, and reduces energy usage, as bottled water takes 2,000 times the energy to produce and ship than its tap equivalent. To further support the environment, ten percent of Raindrop profits are donated to anti-plastic waste charities, including Surfers against Sewage. 


Raindrop products, dubbed ‘the eco cleaning range that’s too beautiful to hide away under the sink’, also include a Starter Pack containing three eco-friendly cleaning pods and three 500ml frosted amber recycled glass bottles with ‘Ultimate’ nozzles that will last a lifetime and never clog up. 


Raindrop founder, Ben Smith, comments; "We launched our subscription service to make environmentally-friendly cleaning even easier for our customers. It’s madness that the world is still unnecessarily manufacturing, shipping and buying billions of plastic bottles filled with essentially water and a cleaning agent. We only need the cleaning bit, and Raindrop provides that – delivered to your door whenever you need it.”


Raindrop subscriptions are available at raindropclean.com at £4.99 for a pack of three pods – a discount on the one off purchase price of £6. The pods are lemon-fragranced bathroom cleaner, grapefruit-fragranced kitchen cleaner, and lavender-fragranced multi-surface cleaner.  The Raindrop Starter Pack retails at £29.99.

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