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DIY Goes High-Tech With Beauty Gizmos

Beauty gizmos DIY High-Tech

DIY Goes High-Tech With Beauty Gizmos

DIY Goes High-Tech With Beauty Gizmos     Duolab Courtesy Photo While some are taking a grassroots approach to beauty, whipping up concoctions in the privacy of their own homes during the crisis, there’s a high-tech faction, too. Such folk aren’t taking out their mixing bowls, avocado and honey to whisk together a mask the old-fashion way. Rather, they are turning to machines that create made-to-measure beauty products and fragrances. Here’s a selection of some recent gizmos coming out of Europe. Duolab Duolab is a machine that makes personalized, preservative-free skin care using a range of capsules and a diagnostic tool. It’s from a L’Occitane...

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