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The Future Of Household Cleaning

The Future Of Household Cleaning

Iron & Velvet

Iron & Velvet, a household cleaning brand, has released its new limited edition summer fragrances this month. They are a plastic-free household cleaning brand based in the west midlands, that believes that water-soluble cleaning products are the future.

Their products are easy to use, simply drop a water-soluble sachet into a bottle you already have at home, fill it with warm water, shake until the sachet has dissolved, and start cleaning. Your bottle, their sachet, and together you make a difference. 

Not only are they known for their eco-credentials but also for the delightful fragrances they use in their cleaners. This month they have released two new limited edition summer fragrances; Berry Blast and Rhubarb and Vanilla. Run don't walk to make sure you grab this latest fragrance before they go. 

An easy sustainable swap for any household that is not only plastic-free but made in Britain certified, vegan, low in carbon emissions, antibacterial, and zero waste. 

The sachets are delivered to your door in simple, zero-waste packaging. Meaning it's not only good for the planet but saves you from carrying bulky cleaning bottles in your weekly shop. 
Order them online today at ironandvelvet.co.uk. 

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