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More Than Just Home Fragrance

More Than Just Home Fragrance


The Aromatyk Signature Collection


Built from a journey of healing and self discovery, Aromatyk encourages users to create beautiful moments using their scented products in order to relax, recharge and reflect. 


Our signature candle range is created using a hybrid blend of nut and seed based waxes to deliver a long-burning, room-filling scent. Each glass candle is delivered in a luxury box, perfect for presenting as a gift. With over 10 years of candle making experience, each scent is carefully chosen and quality checked before being crafted into a beautiful candle. 


Aromatyk gives back to the community through their community pledge to donate 5% of all candle profits to charities supporting victims of domestic violence. They also donate products to different domestic abuse service providers around the UK in order to encourage victims and survivors to make time for themselves to reflect and heal their mind. 


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