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Fall in Love with these Top 5 Natural Skincare

Fall in Love with these Top 5 Natural Skincare

Fall in Love with these Top 5 Natural Skincare Must Haves this Valentines

Shaloah Skincare

During those winter months we all need a little extra TLC and so does our skin! So why not treat yourself or a loved one to the gift of gorgeous skin this Valentine's day.
Chamomile & bergamot rejuvenating facial serum

This chamomile and bergamot serum delivers vitamins and minerals deep into the skin to promote cell regeneration and reduce signs of ageing. It absorbs quickly leaving your skin feeling silky soft and nourished. The serum is packaged in a beautiful frosted green glass bottle with a pipette and comes in a natural cotton drawstring bag.

Price: £11.95

Lavender, chamomile and geramium relaxing bath and body oil

A luxury body oil to help you relax and unwind after a long day. Formulated with a blend of jojoba, apricot, peach and grapeseed oils and enriched with 100% pure essential oils of lavender, chamomile & geranium, this body oil absorbs quickly into the skin leaving it silky smooth and hydrated and your body relaxed.

Price: £12.95

Pure detox clay face mask

Transform your skin with this Pure Detox clay mask, a deep cleansing mask to detoxify and absorb excess oils for healthier skin and a smoother complexion. Removes dead skin cells, absorbs excess oil and improves oxygenation and circulation giving a healthier, clearer and smoother complexion whilst you enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils relaxing the mind and body.

Price: £12.95
Rose & frankincense anti-ageing moisturiser

A natural anti-ageing rose and frankincense face moisturiser packed full of skin-loving ingredients chosen for their hydrating, protecting and anti-ageing properties to give you healthier, younger looking skin. This moisturizing rose face moisturizer has an elegant harmonious scent and a luxurious silky feel which absorbs quickly into the skin.

Price: £16.95
Calendula & borage soothe and repair moisturiser

A gentle, highly moisturising natural soothe and repair cream formulated with over 20 natural ingredients to soothe, repair and relieve dry and itchy skin conditions.

During the winter months our skin becomes more dry - this moisturiser will hydrate, calm and soothe those dry patches as well as relieve any itching. Each of the ingredients has been carefully chosen for their moisturising, nourishing, protecting and healing properties.

Price: £8.95

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