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Celebrity Product Developer Launches Metaverse Ready Vegan Beauty Brand


Celebrity Product Developer Launches Metaverse Ready Vegan Beauty Brand For People and Pets

Mettalusso Inc

Going live in January 2020 means Mettalusso, Inc. launched during one of the most challenging moments in history. The founder, Christine C. Oddo has seen many ups and downs in her career creating and marketing for celebrity, beauty, fashion, and reality TV for both large companies and start-ups. She was a brand manager for the Kardashian's first skincare lineup, the developer of the Kat von D Makeup collection for Sephora, marketed the Denise Richards haircare collection for Cristophe Beverly Hills with CVS and supported dermatologist content development in the Discovery TV reality show '10 Years Younger'.

Multiple points of differentiation solidifies the company for legacy brand status. 
Mettalusso is the world’s first brand to be originally curated with glam vegan products featuring makeup, skincare and pet grooming collections. It is the first brand to harmonize packaging and messaging across the collections of people and pet products. 
The formulas are all vegan. Competitive stand-out happens with an emphasis on high-performance products, glamorous, highly stylized packaging and the message that vegan does not have to be boring and stuck within the confines of white or pink boxes. 
Original entertainment with brand characters are released in weekly episodes titled 'MOMENTS: Mettie + Lunah's Forever Journey". Mettie and Lunah Lusso are the lead with their pets Manfred, Molly and Moon. They also serve as positive-minded influencers that support the over-arching brand meaning. Mettalusso translated is: Metta means love and Lusso means luxury. The characters are in development for applications within immersive Metaverse brand experiences.

Products are attainably priced at under $50USD for makeup and skincare and under $20USD for the pet grooming collection. Standard shipping is always complimentary within the US. Products can be purchased at mettalusso.com , Etsy, Indie Brand Specialty Online Retailer Pantastic , on Facebook, and Instagram. During January 15 to March 15, 2022 Mettalusso is collaborating in Miami within the exciting shopping and entertainment venue The Citadel, and retailer Pivot Market

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