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Introducing Wild Clouds debut collection.

Introducing Wild Clouds debut collection.

Wild Clouds

Timeless and versatile clothing comfy enough for bed and fancy enough for dinner out. Sustainably made in London from organic cotton and linen in weird and wonderful prints.

Disenchanted with the throwaway culture of the fashion industry she had known for years, Wild Clouds founder Franny Collingham started changing her buying habits for the better. Soon, the day came when she couldn’t find clothing that was well designed in unique prints that met her sustainability standards - so she decided to make her own. Wild Clouds was born.

Our new organic cotton & linen collection is available in a jumpsuit at £95, shirt at £55, trousers at £48 and shorts and cami at £35 in both a midnight blue hue adorned with enchanting and whimsical little beasts, bursting with wonder, inspired by mythical stories. And our celestial cloud print, featuring bright emerald clouds with pan the god ofthe wild making a friendly appearance.
Wild Clouds clothes are made in South London in small batches, using a beautiful blend of organic cotton and linen, which gets better with age. Great for customers looking for ethical loungewear, fun workwear or something for their next holiday.
Staying true to her principles and using her 15 years of retail supply chain experience, Franny conducted extensive research into local production and the most planet-friendly materials out there. Wild Clouds reject seasons and trends, and create timeless, simple clothing that can be worn all year. 

- Our signature fabric is organic cotton and linen mix, which is soft yet hard wearing plus it's cool in the summer, warm in the winter
- Sized from XS to XL (UK sizes 8 to 20) with a made-to-order option for a wider size range
- Made in South London in small batches
- Launch collection of 6 designs in 2 prints, plus zero waste accessories
- Styles starting at £35
- Contact press@wildclouds.com

Our Values
We believe clothes should be...

We use only the most sustainable materials we can find, and our clothes are made of 100% natural, compostable and vegan. Our breathable fabrics require less laundering, further reducing their carbon impact.

Our products are made locally in south London, by people paid the London living wage. We regularly visit our factory and examine our extended supply chains too.

Our clothes are made of robust materials, in timeless designs that transcend seasons and trends. Our patterns are designed not to show stains, and we offer a repair service to keep your clothes going for longer.

Our simple designs and whimsical prints lend themselves to all sorts of occasions. Our multi-use clothing makes super-comfy loungewear or PJs, and looks great out and about too.

Sustainability shouldn’t be a luxury. We don’t believe in huge mark-ups, and strive to keep our clothing as affordable as possible.

We have the ambition to make our clothes genderless, and our styles are designed to flatter all kinds of body shapes. We offer a made to order service for requests outside of our current size range.

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