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New Luxury Coastal Bag Collection

New Luxury Coastal Bag Collection

Chez Beccy

Chez Beccy has just launch her new luxury coastal bag collection featuring the iconic Chez Beccy shooting hearts design. These beautiful, stylish, large, strong bags made from natural fabrics (cotton and jute) are also really practical. 

Sourced from 
Cocobagh Social Business Venture, empowering widowed women who have little to no access to training or employment in West Bengal. It teaches them the male-dominated art of stitching and bag making. The goal is to support these women by providing them with the basic income and skills and route to employment. So ultimately they can afford to send their children to school.

Each bag is then individually hand painted in the Chez Beccy Oxfordshire studio, for a truly unique product. The shooting heart design is so relevant at the moment a symbol of love and peace, during these challenging times.

"It is so easy to forget how powerful we are as individuals. How we choose to be, how we choose to act, has a ripple effect on everyone around us.

Art has the power to heal, the creator and the viewer.
Art has the power to spread love instead of hate.
Art has the power to share stories.
Art is humanity.
Art is love."

states Beccy Hunt Founder and Creative Director of Chez Beccy 

Notes to Editors

About Chez Beccy

Designer Beccy Hunt launched Chez Beccy in 2015 specialising in kitchen textiles, this year Beccy added these stunning jute bags to her product range.

"Your Joy is Your Power. My aim is to empower women by helping them connect to their inner joy" states Beccy.
"Can you imagine how amazing the world would be if we were all connected to our inner joy. Acted, lived and made decisions from a place of joy?
Our default as a society is live in fear and scarcity. Our brains are hard wired to notice this. It's our primitive mind keeping us safe and out of danger. And this keeps us small, scared, dissatisfied and unfulfilled.
However it is in our power to reprogram our brains to notice the joy and abundance we do have in our lives.
Joy empowers us to make different decisions.
  • To make a positive impact in the world.
  • To create our hearts desires for ourselves and those around us.
  • To follow our dreams.
  • To lift each other up, rather than keeping each other down.

The name Chez Beccy means Beccy's home, so I am inviting my customers to join me in my world by only offering products that I want to have in my own home. All the original designs are hand painted and inspired by the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside.

I am now working on my next collection due out later this year. 

Chez Beccy textiles are ethically produced, sustainable and made to last. All our fabrics are digitally* printed in the UK on a 100% half panama cotton." 

*Digital printing uses less water and dyes and is kinder to the environment.


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