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Victoria Beckham Beauty branches into perfume

Victoria Beckham Beauty branches into perfume

The Victoria Beckham Beauty website currently features a photograph of the British celebrity sitting on a chair, wearing a blazer and black pumps with the enigmatic message: "Coming soon: A new collection from Victoria Beckham, launching September 29."

The photo on the Victoria Beckham Beauty website, announcing the fragrance launch - DR

According to our information, Victoria Beckham is about to take the plunge into perfume. This is the next logical step for Victoria Beckham Beauty, the beauty brand launched in October 2019 by the British designer. The brand already offers make-up and a number of skincare products, which claim to be "clean" and are distributed both online and through a selection of retailers.

With Paris Fashion Week taking place from September 25 to October 3, Victoria Beckham Beauty will be setting up a pop-up in the beauty department of La Samaritaine from September 26 until the end of October. While a Victoria Beckham Perfume pop-up will take place for five days, starting on September 29, in the Parisian department store. 

In August 2022, Katia Beauchamp, co-founder of Birchbox, was appointed CEO of Victoria Beckham Beauty.

By 2021, Victoria Beckham's fashion label, launched nearly fifteen years ago, had achieved sales of £41 million (€46 million), up 14%. On the other hand, the label continued to record losses, at £5.9 million, although these were reduced over the period. The improvement was driven in particular by the beauty products segment.

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