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Luxury Autumn & Winter Home Scents by SEVIN LONDON

Luxury Autumn & Winter Home Scents by SEVIN LONDON

Sevin London

A compliment to every interior by Sevin London. Experience the exquisite handmade pillar candle, uniquely exposed in a square shape with the signature wave feature, created to enhance an ambiance through its design and fragrance. Breath in the mood and character of the Sevin London fragrances through your diffuser, adding a sense of comfort and luxury to your surroundings.



A poetic alchemy of reassuring notes. A warm cloud of plum, ylang ylang and caramel. Embracing with hints of rose and jasmine. It leaves a lasting sweet, creamy, musky impression with an aromatic essence of vanilla bean and sandalwood
£35/270g Candle
£8/10ml Scented Oil



A scent of deep magnetism. Black as the night, stepping deep into the dark forest with notes of natural oud and bergamot. Punctuated with clove and finally settling into a waft of black pepper. Combined make this fragrance naturally rare and distinct. £55/700g Candle

£8/10ml Scented Oil



Luxurious in its freshness and bright as a summer's day. Like a crisp white shirt blowing in the soft winds. Minimal and light with a mild floral tone. Drawing you in delicately with white jasmine, embellished with ylang ylang at its heart, unfolding balancing notes of nutmeg. £55/700g Candle

£8/10ml Scented Oil



Unapologetically modern pink scent. A dreamy declaration of femininity. Powdery and fresh. It is a creative ambiance between floral tones of rose and vibrancy of citrus, diffused by the woody, ambery base.

£35/270g Candle £8/10ml Scented Oil

Avalable from www.sevinlondon.co.uk 

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