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Introducing the only gift for Valentine's WEEK!

Introducing the only gift for Valentine's WEEK!


Manchester based family business SevenYays have been tearing up the advent calendar rulebook since their launch in June 2021. SevenYays was conceived during lockdown after then 16-year-old Anna Staal (as part of a GCSE Business Studies project) asked ‘Why don’t we have advent calendars for birthdays?’ The internet-based start-up have since sold over 10,000 personalised birthday 7-day gift ‘advents’ and have now set their sights on innovating in the Valentine's market, launching 2 new SevenYays boxes aimed at extending Valentine's Day into a whole week!

"2022 was the first Valentine's Day since we launched and although we'd not had the time to focus on developing a specific Valentine's offer, we noticed that a lot of customers were using our Create Your Own offer to build 7-day countdown boxes especially for Valentine's Day." explains Charlotte Staal, Co-Director at SevenYays and mum of Anna. "It was clear that just as with our birthday range, customers were really enthused by the possibility of celebrating Valentine's Day with a unique gift rather than the traditional chocolates and flowers. So this year we're better prepared and have launched 2 new Ready Made boxes 'Seven Days of Hearts and Kisses' (RRP £40), 'Seven Days of I Love You Valentine' (RRP £45), plus we've got 'Seven Days of Blokey Bliss' (RRP £42) for the man in your life and 'Seven Days of Friendship' (RRP £45) for those that want to give a Galentine's gift to their bestie. We'll also be launching a whole host of new love themed products in our best-selling Create Your Own range including scented soy wax candles, artisan heart chocs, award winning vegan beauty products, romantic keepsakes and even Date Night coupons!"

Visitors to SevenYays.com can create their own countdown box (from £21), selecting seven gifts from a range of 400 for a truly personalised gift, or alternatively choose a pre-curated ready-made box. SevenYays partner with other UK independent businesses helping to promote their products by offering them as fillings for their unique gift boxes.

Packaging is sustainably sourced in the UK from renewable and recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. Each calendar is made to order and hand assembled by the Staal family and their small team in Manchester.

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