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Halloween Nail Designs to Try This Year

Halloween Nail Designs

Halloween Nail Designs to Try This Year

Halloween is such a special event that it turned one night of sobriety and spirituality into a night when everybody dresses up, kids and adults alike, and go after various thrills, whether it’s launching toilet paper at a house where you couldn’t score candy, ask neighbors for candy, or attend a theme party.

Halloween nails

If you’re among the latter (partygoers), you most definitely know that in order for your outfit to steal the evening, you mustn’t let anything at chance. So when you’re in the front of the mirror, and you do the checklist, make sure you don’t just go hair – check, makeup – check, outfit – check, shoes – check.

Still wondering what you left out, huh? It’s obviously your nails that you forgot. Chances are you didn’t forget about them entirely, but you thought that simply getting them all neat and applying a layer or two of polish would be just about enough, but no, if you’re aiming to go out in style, you should do more than just that.

Do you still have no idea what I’m talking about here? Let me paint a mental picture for you here: have you ever seen those incredibly intricate nail designs on various social media places and wished you had one of them just for you? Well, now is the time to shine! With Halloween just around the corner, you can start thinking about how you’re going to do your nails, and luckily you have us to help you!

Halloween Nail Designs

Granted, not everyone is a talented visual artist, so the chances that you’ll be going to do them all by yourself are not exactly in your favor, considering that you only have two hands to work with in the first place. But you surely know a bunch of nail artists in your area, and going with a specific model in mind (and as a picture on your phone) could save you quite a lot of money and time.

How is this going to save you money? Well, first of all, nail artists offer two types of services: creating the design and applying the design, and with the former out of the picture, the artists only have to focus on the latter, thus spending less time on you, thus costing you a bit less than if you just went there and said that you wanted Halloween nails or whatever.

That’s precisely why we’ve compiled this extensive list that has no less than 50 nifty nail designs you’re going to love if you’re planning on attending or hosting a Halloween party this year. Don’t forget to match it with your scariest outfit, and we’re sure you’re going to impress just about every single party-goer you bump into.

1. Bats – Great Orange Halloween Nails

Bats great orange halloween nails

Orange is one of the most important colors of autumn, so it should make perfect sense that many nail artists are implementing it into their designs. Well, we’ve got the perfect example here; black cute bats on a bright orange background. The bright orange will definitely steal the eyes of your peers one or two times through the night, especially if you pair it with a dark outfit so that the color of your nails really pops out.

Granted, this design is not exactly creepy, as the bats look kind of cute, and yes, we know that it’s the googly eyes that make it seem that way. However, if you’re not a huge fan of cute Halloween decors, you can always scratch the eyes (I mean, don’t put them on in the first place) or just replace them with something a bit spookier, such as tiny red eyes, or bloody fangs.

The greatest part about this design is that it’s not exactly complicated to make, even by yourself! However, you’d have to be extra careful while doing the bats because you can’t exactly erase the top layer of nail polish without also removing the layer that’s underneath it, so you would have to start over.

On the other hand, if you’re not very comfortable withdrawing your own nail design this Halloween, you could seek a professional nail artist and ask them to take care of things for you. Sure, you’ll be spending some extra money on it, but at least your nails will look absolutely fabulous, and you’ll have them done in just about no time. Not to mention the fact that you’ll receive some well-deserved pampering in the process. The bottom line is that this is a fun design, and even if you’re paying a nail artist to do your nails, it shouldn’t cost you a fortune.

2. Witch – Spooky Nails

Witch spooky nails

Witches are a staple item when it comes to Halloween decorations, so if you’re a fan of witchcraft or not necessarily, but you still love their aesthetic, feel free to jump on the bandwagon and try these absolutely gorgeous witch nails. Word of advice, though: you may need to bring a sheath with you to cover those bad girls if you’re planning to interact with anyone or have a drink that tilts too far back.

As you may have figured out by yourself by now, you can’t just head to your party wearing regular clothes and those amazing claw-like witch nails (if you can pull that off, good for you!), so you’ll also have to think about getting a fitting witch outfit and pairing up those two. You don’t even need to go by the book on this one and use the same color as the picture above: just find your own style and paint the nails the way it feels best.

It goes without saying that this is a more pretentious project, so you may not be able to pull this off all by yourself. Nails of this caliber are considered art, and for a good reason, so you might want to consider calling your nail expert for this and be sure to show a picture so that there’s no confusion. We guarantee that you’ll be one of the spookiest attractions at the next Halloween party. Just make sure you’ll keep them at a safe distance from anyone’s eyes.

3. Frankenstein – Halloween-Themed Nails

Frankenstein halloween themed nails

Frankenstein, who here hasn’t heard of Frankenstein yet? Although it’s a common misconception, and the movie was about a young scientist called Victor Frankenstein trying to animate a sapient creature, making it more fitting for the reference to be called Frankenstein’s monster, we’ll just roll with it and say, that these are Frankenstein’s nails. Well, not his actual nails, but inspired by the movie.

Anyway, in this design, not only the patch design is Frankenstein-themed, but the colors, as well! If you can recall the original character (the monster, not the scientist), you may probably remember that various artists depict it as a green-skinned monster wearing purple (and sometimes blue or dark blue) clothes. Worst-case scenario, you’ll have someone believe that you’re going for a zombie reference, which wouldn’t be exactly untrue.

Now about the actual painting over your nails part: this design isn’t exactly complicated, but it does have a bunch of sections where you’ll need precision. You could call a friend and ask them to do your nails using this design, but only after giving them precise directions about how you want them done. Or, if you want to save yourself the headache, I guess you could go visit a nail artist in your area.

If you want to take it a step further and really zhoosh things up, you could choose one of your fingers and actually paint Frankenstein’s monster’s face on it. We’ve found that for painting faces, the thumb nail is the best, considering that it offers you the widest work surface. Last, but not least, after painting Frankenstein’s monster’s face on your nail, if you could source tiny screws and apply them somehow to your finger, that would be the absolute cherry on top.

4. Haunted House – Black Halloween Nails

Haunted house black halloween nails

If Halloween’s just around the corner and you’ve already filled your spook-o-meter to the top, then probably visiting a haunted house in your hometown isn’t something you’d want to scratch off your bucket list just yet. While our suggestion does include a haunted house, we’re merely holding on to the overall aesthetic of it and not attempting to convince you to take a spooky trip into an abandoned house.

Notice how on both hands, all the fingernails are painted black except for one, which holds the dark silhouette of a haunted house on a bright, yellow background. This further adds to the effect, and trust us when we’re telling you that they’ll definitely catch some glimpses at your next Halloween party. You can go ahead and use the same haunted house on both fingers, but it’d be a pinch more interesting if you used a different model on the second finger, such as a witch’s silhouette, a black cat, or a spider web.

As with other nail designs on our list, the haunted house model isn’t necessarily a complicated one, especially considering that you only need to paint models on two out of ten fingers, so it’s not exactly a tragedy if you screw the design up, either. You could even use a stencil if you don’t have a steady hand or any artistic talent whatsoever. Worst-case scenario, you go to a nail artist and get it done fast and pretty.

5. Sugar Skull – Cute Halloween Nails

Sugar skull cute halloween nails

If you’re not exactly familiar with the concept of sugar skulls, then maybe a quick crash course will jog your memory. Día de Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a Mexican holiday that has family and friends pray and remember friends and family who have passed away, but here’s the thing: it’s portrayed as a celebration rather than a mourning day. The sugar skulls, as you’ve guessed, are a staple item for this holiday.

The sugar skull, which is also called a Calavera, is an edible or decorative skull that’s usually made by hand and either offered to kids or as offerings on an altar. Now that you understand the phenomenon better, it’s probably easy to see why the sugar skull has become a staple item not only in the Mexican holiday it represents but also for Halloween enthusiasts everywhere else in the world.

Sugar skulls are quite easy to do, as there’s no wrong way to do it, just as long as you follow some guidelines. The best part about this nail design for your Halloween night is that you can create it all by yourself, from the comfort of your home. Just start with a white background, then keep adding elements until you’re happy with it. A little extra tip: start with black eye sockets and teeth and keep adding around them until you’re happy with the result. Don’t be afraid to add other similar elements on other nails, such as flowers or stuff.

Source: https://www.diys.com

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