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All Need to Know About Hair Toppers the Best Solution to Thinning Hair

Hair Toppers

All Need to Know About Hair Toppers the Best Solution to Thinning Hair

Also known as a crown hair extension, a wiglet, a hair enhancer, and a mini wig, the hair topper is a hairpiece that simply clips onto the top of the head and blends in with your existing hair, giving the appearance of thicker hair on top. At UniWigs, hair toppers with various base sizes, color choices, and lengths are available now.

Hair Topper before and after from UniWigs

Hair Topper from UniWigs

Hair toppers and top pieces are helpful solutions to filling in the sparse and adding hair volume. At UniWigs, toppers are available in short, medium and long and come in synthetic or human hair. We’ve got you all covered!

UniWigs is perhaps best known for providing quality wigs, but there is a UniWigs product that is even more popular! So, what is this mysterious and best-selling product?
This sought-after product is the Hair Topper.
Great! So… what exactly is a hair topper?
Already heard of alternative hair products like hair extensions and wigs? Well, a hair topper is like a combination of the two.
Also known as a crown hair extension, a wiglet, a hair enhancer, and a mini wig, the hair topper is a hairpiece that simply clips onto the top of the head and blends in with the existing hair, giving the appearance of thicker hair on top.
So, what do hair toppers do? Other than their ability to completely transform bio hair, hair toppers add thickness to thinning hair and conceal any issues on the scalp.
Toppers are an ideal solution for covering hair loss or noticeable hair thinning on certain areas of the head.
Popular not only among the hair loss community but these convenient pieces are also being worn by many women purely for style reasons. In fact, hair toppers are widely worn by celebrities and movie stars while on set to give them voluminous perfect hair.

For hair loss and thinning hair
Anyone can wear a hair topper, but lots of women choose to wear hair toppers to simply add volume to their own thinning or flat hair.
Hair toppers are a unique option for adding volume in the right places. For instance, hair extensions are great for making bio hair appear longer, but hair extensions will not give so much volume on top of the head as a hair topper can.
On the other hand, wigs can give volume all over your head, however, a wig will completely cover your hair. Thus, a hair topper is a better way to add volume and let the bio hair show off meanwhile. Plus, a hair topper is more breathable and convenient.
Women experiencing hair loss and bald patches throughout their hair can benefit greatly from wearing hair toppers. Female pattern baldness is much more common than people realize, and it can be difficult to experience.

Concealing different stages of hair loss
Quite simply, women can experience different stages of hair loss. UniWigs provides hair toppers in loads of base sizes, to cover each and every stage of hair loss.
Stage 1 (minor/minimal hair loss)
Here the hair shows the first signs of hair loss. This can be a widening of the hair part, a sparser hairline, and thinner hair. UniWigs hair toppers with a base of 4 to 6 inches would be ideal here.
Stage 2 (moderate hair loss)
Here the hair loss becomes more noticeable. Bald spots can appear, and the hair part can widen further. UniWigs hair toppers with a base of 6 to 8 inches would be the go-to for this stage.
Stage 3 (advanced hair loss)
Here there is very noticeable hair loss and large bald areas. Women in this stage could opt for wearing a wig, or a very large topper base. UniWigs sells 10-inch super large hair toppers to conceal advanced stages of hair loss in women.

Finding the right topper
To find the ideal topper – consider these factors first.

Hair type
It’s all about the hair type. Human hair or synthetic hair?
UniWigs human hair toppers look natural, can be freely heat-styled, and lasts anywhere from six to twelve months with daily wear.
Whereas UniWigs synthetic toppers are vivid in color, will go back to their original style after washing, and can last up to six months with daily wear.
While UniWigs human hair toppers can look more natural, they are marginally more expensive than synthetic options, which have come a long way in quality.

From silk, lace, monofilament, and combination bases, UniWigs has something for everyone. For more information and to learn the pros and cons of each base, visit the UniWigs website.

Base size
Next, base size. As mentioned earlier, there are different sizes suitable for the different stages of hair loss. If you don’t have any hair loss, smaller base size is recommended.

Always go for a topper that’s a similar length as the bio hair. This will provide the most seamless blend! The last thing you want is for the topper not to blend in properly by being clearly too short against bio hair.

Hair color
Opt for a color that closely resembles the bio hair for the ultimate match. Not sure which color will match? UniWigs welcomes customers to send photos of their hair so that the closest topper shade could be precisely recommended.

There’s also the hair color ring option (order a color ring and return it after matching your hair to it) and the hair sampling option (send a sample of the bio hair in and UniWigs can recommend the right color to go for). Simple enough right?

If you’re considering highlights or lowlights, a topper can be the best option. UniWigs offers toppers in unique and salon-inspired hair shades.
For women with light brown hair, why not try the sensational Melanie Human Hair Topper in the shade Chocolate Caramel, which showcases Mahogany Brown Hair with Golden Blonde and Copper Brown highlights.

Dreaming of natural face-framing highlights? The Courtney Mono Part UniWigs Human Hair Topper in the shade Permafrost features a Cool Blonde and Natural Gold Blonde blend hair color shaded with Pale Brown. The blonde highlights artfully painted around the front of this topper are universally flattering. For women with a similar natural light brown or dark blonde hair color, this topper will be a fabulous match.

The bottom line? Toppers are stylish. And they are great for boosting the confidence of women with flat or thin hair, as well as those experiencing any stage of hair loss.

Visit the UniWigs website to view the total UniWigs hair topper collection and seize the chance to save big money during Black Friday Sale.

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