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Arabian Perfumes Available at Ezenzia Gain Ground in the United States

Arabian Perfumes Available at Ezenzia Gain Ground in the United States

Given the recent increase in inflation, customers are seeking products that replicate the aromas of leading brands. Ezenzia aims to satisfy customers by providing a wide assortment of such perfumes.

Arabian Perfumes Available at Ezenzia Gain Ground in the United States
Miami, FL, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Javier and Jason are two 30-year-old Latino entrepreneurs and the owners of Miami-based Ezenzia, a perfumery that brings fragrances directly from Dubai to Miami. Their goal is to provide to the Latin market, fragrances normally viewed as luxury items, but at a more affordable price point.

"We started in 2017, choosing this field within perfumes because we realized that it was a niche that was not occupied," the entrepreneurs commented on their origins. This is how they began to import perfumes for men and women; many of them inspired by prestigious brands that lead the market.

"Any type of fine fragrance of 100 milliliters (ml) has a final consumer value of $300. While top brand perfumes can be had for about $100, at Ezenzia, we offer the same or better, below $50," said Javier.

"Our concept is 'a perfume for every day,' because people who buy the most expensive products usually do so only to use them on weekends," Javier revealed about the essence of the project. "Today, we offer fragrances with a durability of eight hours. We’ve seen exponential growth in demand due to the economic environment."

“In our beginnings, we imported one container every three months. Today, we receive more than five per month. This is how we import fragrances inspired by the most popular brands.”

Jason commented, “After the pandemic, raw materials became 10% more expensive, so our costs increased, but even so, our goal did not change; we maintain stable prices for our end customers and distributors.”

A report by a market research firm in March 2022 maintained that the demand for premium fragrances grew as a result of the pandemic.

How much are the top brands worth? A survey carried out daily by perfumeries in the Junín pedestrian street determined that 50 ml of premium brands average $90.

Ezenzia has a constant inventory of more than 400 fragrances, among which are feminine, masculine and unisex. Currently, the owners of this perfumery say that have already received several offers from investors to buy a franchise from them to take the product to areas in other states.

The preferences of buyers focus, by far, on the brands advertised on television, revealing a partiality for popularity over quality.

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