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Step into student life with a pair of funky ‘sockupation’ bamboo socks

Step into student life with a pair of funky ‘sockupation’ bamboo socks

Sock Monthly Ltd

Step into student life with a pair of funky ‘sockupation’ bamboo socks

Show off your chosen field of study at Freshers Week with flair and individuality with Sock Monthly’s quirky ‘sockupational’ patterned themed sustainable bamboo socks with a fun pun underfoot!

Select from:
Don’t judge me: law themed socks for future legal eagles
Keyboard warrior: socks for IT and computer science geeks
Smart asset: socks for business and accounting students
Star teacher: quirky socks for student teachers and assistants
Healthcare hero: stand out socks for medical students to bring vibrancy to scrubs
With ecological considerations (and quirky design) at the core, Sock Monthly’s unique collection of socks are knitted from an incredibly high concentration of sustainable bamboo viscose thread.

“We consciously wanted to develop a collection of socks that would develop a closer relationship with the wearer; encouraging them to buy less, but better”, says Kay, Design Director at Sock Monthly. “Without exception, all of our socks are engineered for comfort; they are super-soft, breathable, temperature regulating, moisture wicking, hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial”.
Freshers week is all about making a statement and finding your tribe – Sock Monthly’s sock designs are a reflection of your personality and values – at the same time, leaving a lighter footprint on our planet…

Treat your feet and buy a pair online today from www.sockmonthly.co.uk or sign up to a monthly subscription.

About Sock Monthly
An organisation born in May 2023 from a passion for slow fashion, a love of design and a life of laughter. Where every step is a statement with our carefully curated collection of sustainable bamboo socks.


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