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pgLang for Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein pgLang pgLang for Calvin Klein

pgLang for Calvin Klein
pgLang for Calvin Klein
a series of short films by Dave Free at pgLang
cast including Baby Keem, Brent Faiyaz, Travis Bennett, Ryan Destiny, Keith Powers, Amber Wagner, Mecca Allah, and Exavier
pgLang for Calvin Klein is a series of short films which were conceptualized, cast, written and directed in LA by Dave Free at pgLang. The films prioritize optimism and creativity beyond all else, and usher in a new era of inspiring, humorous and relatable advertising - not only for Calvin Klein, but for the entire fashion industry. 
pgLang for Calvin Klein
“language for the people that can't find the words to express how they feel”—Dave Free
The short films and cast are as follows:
0 “See U” w/ Mecca Allah 
1 “Voyagé” w/ Baby Keem              
2 “My Favorite Jeans” w/ Travis Bennett  
3 “Cool Jeans” w/ Ryan Destiny & Keith Powers
4 “I’mma Slide” w/ Amber Wagner                
5 “Solo” w/ Brent Faiyaz                       
6 “Daily Due Diligence” w/ Exavier                         
Watch all the short films on YouTube here.
Music credit:
“See U”, “My Favorite Jeans”, “Cool Jeans”, “I’mma Slide”, “Daily Due Diligence”, “7” by Jahaan Sweet
“Solo” by Brent Faiyaz
“Voyagé” by Baby Keem
Track titled “Patience Interlude”
Artist: Baby Keem
Producers: Hykeem Carter, Dez Wright, Beach Noise
pgLang was launched in March 2020 and this is the company’s first step into the fashion industry. As an iconic global fashion lifestyle brand, Calvin Klein’s approach to design and authentic connection to culture reflects pgLang’s own ethos of diverse, youthful and free creative expression. The creative process of the partnership can be witnessed at: https://www.instagram.com/pglang/ 
Visit the pgLang for Calvin Klein billboards at the following locations:
1 “Voyagé” with Baby Keem La Cienega Blvd., West Hollywood
2 “My Favorite Jeans”         Santa Monica Blvd., Century City, Los Angeles
5 “Solo” with Brent Faiyaz      Houston St., New York City
About pgLang:
pgLang is a multi-lingual, at service company, selflessly communicating this generation's creative language through mediums exemplifying the shared experiences that connect us all. 
For all images and assets click HERE
For a press image of Dave Free click HERE Photo Credit: Blue The Great
For more information please contact anna@huxley.world + rohani@huxley.world 
About the cast:
Mecca Allah
Mecca Allah is New York based movement artist, model and creative who advocates for spiritual and physical wellness, healing and empowerment.
Baby Keem
Baby Keem is already revered as one of the best in the game, and one of the world’s most exciting new artists. 
Travis Bennett
Travis ‘Taco’ Bennett is a multi-hyphenate creative known for his distinct sense of humor, charisma and uplifting character. 
Ryan Destiny 
Ryan Destiny is an American actress, singer and songwriter who brings a youthful nostalgia to everything she touches. 
Keith Powers
Keith Powers has emerged as one of the great young acting talents of the era, while simultaneously developing his own initiative which focuses on emotional wellbeing. 
Amber Wagner      
Amber Wagner will make you feel good. Motivating and inspiring her generation, Amber is all about positivity and has become an internet sensation as a result of her uplifting and relatable videos. 
Brent Faiyaz 
Brent Faiyaz, twenty-four year old artist, is a highly anticipated musical icon in the making. 
Exavier catches the energy of life happening around him in LA in his infectiously funny, observational vlogs and skits.

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