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Bold and Sustainable knitwear

Bold and Sustainable knitwear

Ieva Dickson


Not your average knit!

Ieva Dickson is bespoke, hand made knitwear that empowers women and doesn't hurt the planet. The brand only provides small batch runs, and custom and individual orders to minimise textile waste and ensure clothing originality.

The palette of the new collection is bright and full of flavour. The designs have a strong look inspired by armour that gives a contemporary look.

''Each of my creations has a life of its own and my joy comes from seeing every woman who wears one of my pieces transform before my eyes as the piece adorns her. I work to provide wearable works of art that are an antidote to a fast fashion world that advocates modern slavery to produce a sub-standard product to satisfy a mass-consumerized world'' says Ieva Founder and Creator of Ieva Dickson.

Hand knitting is a skill that has been passed down through generations and it's so important to preserve that. These designs show that sustainable fashion can be bold, bright and inspiring.

Image 1:Chunky Yellow Lena tassel cardigan £450,

Image 2: Green with Envy tassel cardigan £450,

Image 3: Chunky Tassel River Blue Cardigan £415,

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