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Easy Halloween Costumes: Easy DIY Halloween Costumes to Make

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Easy Halloween Costumes: Easy DIY Halloween Costumes to Make

If you are looking for easy Halloween costumes this year, have no fear! There are plenty of fun, creative costume ideas out there that are quick and simple to pull together, even if you’re on a budget or don’t have enough time to order something off Amazon. Whether you’re hosting a party or just having a laid-back night with friends, here’s your inspiration for easy costumes that will leave you feeling satisfied!

Easy halloween costume

We put together a list of what we believe are the 50 easiest Halloween costumes ideas to try out right now. So we have no doubt that you can find something that will completely please you. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for Halloween outfits for guys, gals, kids, families, home, or work. We got everything covered!

50 Easiest Halloween Costumes to Try in 2021

Check out our top picks when it comes to simple Halloween costumes you should try this year. They are suited for any adult or child, so you can quickly get ideas for your next outfit.

1. Cactus – Easy Halloween Costumes

Cactus easy halloween costumes

Halloween is the season to get out of your comfort zone and try something different. And if you’re bored with dressing up as a vampire or a witch this year, why not consider making an inventive cactus costume? It’s a great idea when it comes to easy Halloween costumes.

In addition to being highly original, cacti are very easy to make at home without having to spend a lot of money on buying a premade cactus costume available in shops. Take @movementbymelanie‘s idea on Instagram, for example. It’s simple and adorable!

To pull off this look, you need a plastic pot that’s large enough to fit you like a skirt. Make sure to also get brown suspenders, a green shirt with long sleeves, plastic white clothespins, a pair of khaki leggings, and two red cactus flowers.

You need to cut a hole at the bottom of the plastic pot so that you can fit in and then attach it to your body using the suspenders. Then, add the clothespins all over your shirt to make them look like cactus hairs, and finally put a flower on your head and attach one to your wrist. It’s too cute to handle!

2. Cheerleader and Football Player – Easy College Halloween Costumes 

Cheerleader and football player easy college halloween costumes 

Trying to relive your old college days this Halloween? Or maybe you and your significant other are looking to dress up like a couple of movie cliches on the most colorful night of the year. Whatever the case may be, you can’t go wrong with these cheerleader and football player outfits.

It works well as a do-it-yourself idea when it comes to easy college Halloween costumes if you already have the outfits back from your college days and are looking for an excuse to wear them once more.

Take a look at this cool example we found on Instagram, courtesy of @deforestcooper. If you’re going as a football player, make sure to add shoulder pads, football pants, and knee socks. As for the cheerleader, she definitely needs wristbands and pom-poms. But that’s just spitballing, though, since you can wear anything you want.

3. Han Solo and Princess Leia – Easy Couple Halloween Costumes 

Han solo and princess leia easy couple halloween costumes 

When it comes to movies and easy couple Halloween costumes, few romantic relationships are as recognizable as Han Solo and Princess Leia from the Star Wars franchise. So why not dress up as two of the most powerful people in the galaxy and make a strong impression on your friends this Halloween.

Besides, it’s incredibly easy to pull off this look. You can just @michelle_millward‘s Instagram post as an example. Find a vest, black pants, black pants, and matching boots for Han Solo, together with a long white dress with long sleeves, a golden belt, white socks, and white shoes for Princess Leia.

You can easily recreate the famous buns hairstyle for Leia. And don’t forget to throw in a couple of toy guns for both characters. It’s a seemingly silly idea when taking into account the ordinary pieces of clothing involved, but it works and you will both be instantly recognized by those around you.

4. Seamstress – Easy DIY Halloween Costumes 

Seamstress easy diy halloween costumes 

If sewing clothes is your job or hobby, your friends and family might expect you to come up with a truly spectacular costume for Halloween. However, if you want to add a fun twist, downplay their expectations, and obtain a few giggles in the process, we suggest this cool idea when it comes to easy DIY Halloween costumes.

@heatherhandmade is as creative as she is adorable when approaching this simple seamstress project. You can create a pair of scissors out of fabric and attach it to your body. But our favorite idea is wrapping yourself in a giant thread, which also has a needle attached.

Find a piece of cardboard that’s large enough to fit your body when wrapping it around yourself. Make sure to stick both ends together using a hot glue gun with plenty of glue. Then, get some yarn and wrap it around the cardboard to create the thread.

You might need tons of yarn for this, so make sure you have multiple balls of yarn in the same color. Finally, take another piece of cardboard, cut it in the shape of a giant needle (including the hole), and wrap it in duct tape. You can then stick the needle on the thread and wear the resulting costume.

5. Ghosts – Easy Halloween Costumes For Adults 

Ghosts easy halloween costumes for adults 

You can have fun with your significant other for Halloween even without wearing some elaborate costumes that you paid a lot of money for on Amazon. Instead, why not dress up as ghosts? It’s a timeless decoration element for Halloween, after all, as well as a great idea when it comes to easy Halloween costumes for adults.

For starters, you can go trick-or-treating and hide your age when strangers will be handing out candies for kids. And, you can freely haunt the streets of your neighborhood, ensuring that everyone will see you since you will both be wearing white.


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