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Best Pedicure Ideas – Try These Pedicures at Home

Best Pedicure Ideas

Best Pedicure Ideas – Try These Pedicures at Home

Whether you’re giving yourself one or going out with the girls this afternoon to the spa, your toes deserve some extra love sometimes. Instead of going with a boring neutral or monochromatic shade punch up the feet a bit. Your pedicures will be so much better when you decide on trying out one of these 55 cute toenail designs. Take a look!

Pedicure ideas

They’re super cute and they’ll keep you in a summery spirit, looking forward to the next time you’ll wear sandals or flip flops. 

Best Pedicure Ideas 

1. Mermaid Pedicure

Mermaid toe nail designs

MW had these inspired toenails featured on their site and we just had to feature them. They remind us a bit of mermaids, don’t you think?

2. Rainbow Dots Pedicure

Rainbow toe nail designs

If you’re looking to add some polka dots to your toes then you’ll want to check out this design and grab some colorful inspiration. We love this personality-filled idea. (via)

3. French Polka Dot Pedicure

French toe nail polka dots

We found this beauty on Pinterest and are loving the combination. You’ve for a classic French tip with all the fun of polka dots!

4. Golden Stripes Pedicure

Golden stripe toe nail designs

Pinterest has some great ideas floating around and this one is no exception. Add a bit of embellishment to your toes like these contemporary, golden stripes.

5. Abstract Stripes Pedicure

Toe nail designs abstract stripes

You’ll want to take a peek at these contemporary style as well. These abstract stripes would be so much fun to experiment with. (via)

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