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80’s Outfits – Ideas for Theme Parties Or Halloween Night!

80’s Outfits

80’s Outfits – Ideas for Theme Parties Or Halloween Night!

It’s finally October! As the leaves start to turn colors and pumpkins line up on front porches, we can’t help but think of Halloween. Whether you’re a child dressing up for a school parade or a grown-up throwing a party, these 80s outfits are perfect for your costume party.

80's outfits

Why go with the 80s? Because it’s a period that everyone loves and feels nostalgic about, even if they didn’t get to live back then. But the stories heard from parents and grandparents are timeless. The 80s were a revolution in music, fashion, and freedom of expression.

So you can easily play with this idea by integrating the 80s into your costume, whether you are attending a Halloween or a theme party. We made a list of ideas that we hope will inspire you.

Best 80s Outfits to Wear at a Halloween or Theme Party

Without keeping you on your toes any longer, here are the best 80s outfits you can wear at any Halloween or theme party this year. We are sure that you can find something you will fall in love with!

1. Bright Makeup and Sports Trowel – 80s Outfits 

Bright makeup and sports trowel 80s outfits 

It is truly the golden age of creativity when it comes to Halloween costumes. But you might enjoy a trip down memory lane back to your or your parents’ days of neon makeup and curling your bangs in preparation for an 80s party. It’s easy to go too far with this 80s outfit and look like a reject from an old 80s movie flick, so be careful!

Toss on this outfit to get the attention of your friends at any party! Or, dress it down to go trick-or-treating with kids. If you’re dressing up for a school parade, use this outfit as an inspiration to create your look. You can throw on a sports trowel and wear some bright makeup to get the most out of this costume. No matter how you wear this 80s outfit, you’ll be sure to have a good time!

2. Fashion Icon – 80s Costume

Fashion icon 80s costume

This 80s costume is perfect for a friend who loves to take risks with their fashion choices and become a fashion icon. You have your black jacket, bright pink fishnet gloves, colorful wristbands, neon green fishnet headband, and retro striped plastic sunglasses.

You can wear this 80s outfit anywhere you want, but it’s sure to get tons of attention at any party. If you’re feeling bold, throw on an oversize neon necklace, blue mascara, bright blue eyeliner, and neon yellow hi-tops for a look that is guaranteed to get the attention of everyone in the room!

But don’t forget the most important piece of this outfit: the 80s fashion icon attitude!

3. Oversized Hoodie and Retro Sunglasses – 80s Outfits Women’s 

Oversized hoodie and retro sunglasses 80s outfits women's 

This 80s outfit is perfect for women who want to show off their curves in a trendy outfit. The oversized hoodie is paired with flashy leggings, which are great for twirling or spinning when you’re on the dance floor at your party.

You can even wear this outfit while running errands or doing household chores if it’s not your chosen costume for the night! The best part is that it isn’t too expensive to pull off this look, so you can save money to buy other accessories like neon socks or fingerless gloves.

4. David Bowie – 80s-Style Clothing

David bowie 80s style clothing

David Bowie is the perfect 80s-style clothing idea for your retro party, and it’s pretty common to see people dressing up like him around Halloween. With a variety of different makeup and hairstyles, you can play around with all the options that Bowie has offered throughout his career!

Like other costumes on this list, you should be especially careful when putting together an outfit that mimics David Bowie’s wardrobe. It can be challenging to capture the artist’s genius when it comes to his choice of makeup and clothes, but we found a magnificent Instagram post to get you inspired, courtesy of @katoriknight.

The best part about it? You can pull it off whether you’re a man or a woman since the look is put together by a non-binary person. They have short red hair and are wearing bright and colorful makeup.

In addition, you can spot mismatched earrings, a multi-colored blazer, a shirt with a pink 8-bit bow tie, retro sunglasses with lightning bolt stickers on the lenses, and salmon-colored men’s shorts. Granted, you might not be able to get these exact pieces, but it’s a fun way to start looking!

5. 80s Dress 

80s dress 

This 80s dress is another great choice for a retro party. We found this gem on Instagram, thanks to @laura.lea.kbh. She is wearing a long red 80s dress with colorful flowers that she probably found in her mom’s closet (which isn’t a bad thing!). The vintage outfit is paired with a pair of white tennis shoes.

You can also get extra fancy by wearing the long red dress with some neon yellow heels, adding brightly colored lipstick for a more mature look, or throwing on flashy jewelry that matches your personality. Another good idea is to throw in some rubber bracelets, an 80s-style ribbon choker necklace, and bright colored socks to complete your trendy outfit.

Source: https://www.diys.com

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