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Why Twitter Is Obsessed With This Under-$30 Beauty Tool

Beauty tool Twitter Under $30

Why Twitter Is Obsessed With This Under-$30 Beauty Tool

American pop singer and actress Cher brushing her hair circa 1968.
Cher brushing her hair, circa 1968.Photo: Getty Images
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Searching for a beauty product that actually lives up to its cult status is a bit like, as Cher Horowitz once memorably put it, “searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie.” After all, how are you supposed to guarantee that a product that’s supposedly done the trick for other people is actually going to work for you?

One clue that a product might actually work as advertised is in its Twitter following. It was through countless procrastination hours logged on Twitter that I learned about the magic of Deciem marula oil, Drunk Elephant glycolic night serum, and now...the Revlon One-Step hair dryer and volumizer.

I first heard about the Revlon One-Step through the Twitter feed of New York magazine writer Madison Malone Kircher, who went on fellow writer Caroline Moss’s podcast “Gee Thanks, Just Bought It” to spread the gospel of the surprisingly retro hair tool (it’s been around since the ’70s).

Said Kircher about her new status as a hairfluencer: “It’s funny because I didn’t post the selfie that (I think) has been the catalyst for selling a decent number of Revlons with the Revlon in mind. It was purely an act of extremely dumb vanity. But if my dumb vanity led you to a cheap and easy blowout you can do yourself, then you’re welcome, I guess!”

Since the podcast aired, there's been a veritable Twitter frenzy of users eager to share their own delight at how well the Revlon One-Step works. (I’ll add my voice to the chorus: I usually prefer for my hair to look “air-dried,” but on the rare occasion where I actually need to look like a functional adult—aka weddings and work presentations—the Revlon One-Step has become my go-to.)

Part of the beauty of the Revlon One-Step is its relatively low price point and easy availability; plus it’s currently on sale, going for just $26.50 on Amazon, which, as one Twitter user pointed out, is a fraction of what it would cost to achieve the same polished look at Drybar. Who could argue with that math?

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