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Unique Hairstyles - Christmas Hairstyles

Christmas Hairstyles

Unique Hairstyles - Christmas Hairstyles

How about some unique hairstyles? We’re going all-out – color, accessories – a Christmas vibe.

1. Christmas Hair Color- Evergreen Tree

Christmas hair color evergreen tree

If the previous entry seemed a bit too subtle, you could try something similar to what Styled by Erika did in the picture above where she used a combination of green hair dye, hair knitting needles with mini Christmas globes at the end, braids, and a star-shaped hair clip to make the model’s hair look like an authentic Christmas tree.
Sure enough, this hairstyle will surely be the center of attention at any Christmas party without being too vulgar and extravagant, and you can even choose to not dye your hair in the front so that you look like you have a regular hairstyle when viewed from the font.
Yet again, one drawback to this hairstyle is that you’ll need to have pretty long hair, at least enough to make a decent-sized Christmas tree out of the braids.
Speaking of braids, the hairstyle in the picture above uses a variation of the common 3-strand braid, but if you’re looking to make a Christmas tree with a bit more texture, you could try making it using a fishtail braid instead.

As for the hair decorations, most shops will be filled with Christmas-themed merchandise, so you’re bound to find other neat-looking hair clips that you can use if you don’t like the ones showcased above, like ones that are shaped like presents, reindeer, or gnomes.

2. Angel Hair Christmas Tree Braid

Angel hair christmas tree braid

The first entry on our list is a Christmas-themed hairstyle designed by Jill Ehat that uses a combination of braids and a green ribbon, and a butterfly hairclip to emulate the look of a Christmas tree, and we have to admit that among all of our entries, this is positively the most ingenious one that we could find.
However, you’ll need to have hair that’s long enough to make the braid (it doesn’t have to be as long as the model’s from the picture), and you’ll also need to find a ribbon that’s the right shade of green.
Another thing you’ll have to be careful when doing your hair this way is to make sure you don’t make the braids too tight, especially since the ribbon alone will need to have a certain degree of tightness just to maintain its shape.
More so, instead of the white flowers, you can go ahead and use colored ones, or you can even try to look for some silver hair scrunchies to hold the braids so that it looks like a miniature Christmas garland.
Overall, this is an excellent hairstyle that we highly recommend, and the only real
drawback with it is that you have to turn around if you want people to see it.

3. Bardot Mermaid Braid – Christmas Hairstyle

Bardot Mermaid Braid - Christmas Hairstyle

We’re swooning for this braid and we’re swooning for that red ribbon. This is the best time of the year to top your hair off with a bit of red, check it out at Missy Sue.

4. Christmas Hair Bow

Christmas Hair Bow

And finally, did you know that you can actually make a bow out of your hair. There are so many great tutorials to try and experiment with this idea so take a look tonight! (via)

5. Sparkle Bow Bun – Cute Christmas Hairstyle

Sparkle Bow Bun - Cute Christmas Hairstyle

Topping your bun off with a classic, sparkle bow is another great way to dress your hair for the season. Thanks to Pinterest for the easy inspiration!

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