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This is what is going to be big in beauty in 2020

Beauty 2020 big in beauty

This is what is going to be big in beauty in 2020

As 2019 comes to a close, leave behind the trends of yesteryear. Winged eyeliner? Gone. Contouring? Dead. Matte liquid lips? See ya later.

The following predictions for 2020's biggest beauty trends are based on a combination of observation, hopes and dreams.

Charli XCX brought strong eyeshadow to this year's Met Gala, ahead of the 2020 trend.

Charli XCX brought strong eyeshadow to this year's Met Gala, ahead of the 2020 trend.CREDIT:INVISION

Eco-conscious beauty

If you are doing what you can to reduce single-use plastic consumption, there’s no reason this can’t extend to your beauty routine.

Of course you should use up the remaining sheet masks in your collection (and maybe save a few for future flights), but moving forward I’m going to do stick with masks that come out of tubes or tubs. Current favourites include Tatcha’s Violet-C Vitamin C Radiance Mask, Summer Fridays’ Jet Lag Mask, Fresh's Rose Face Mask and Aesop’s Primrose Facial Cleansing Mask. If you really can't let go of sheet masks, check out Charlotte Tilbury's award-winning Instant Dry Sheet Mask – you may look like a serial killer for 15 minutes but it's reusable and packed with peptides and vitamins!

Avoid using cotton pads where possible. I love my Face Halo, a washable microfibre cloth, both for basic cleanse with cold water in the AM and as a lazy cleanse after a night out. Instagram maestro Eva Chen is a big fan of reusable cotton pads (you can buy cotton and bamboo varieties on Amazon).

Face Halo

As unsexy as they may be, bar soaps are having a moment. And not just body soaps, but facial cleansing soaps, bar shampoos and conditioners. Obviously Lush is a classic if you're looking for fun and fragrant options – my favourites include the Sexy Peel soap (you can even see the orange, lemon and lime peel) and Honey I Washed The Kids – but there are plenty of other brands have bougie options available, too: consider Bastide Figue d'Ete Provence Soap, Fresh Sugar Lychee Soap or Lanolips Cleansing Bar.

Skin capsules

I know I've just harped on about sustainability, but these new-age mini pods of ultra-potent cleansers, oils and serums are useful. Instead of having to lug a delicate glass tube or a large tub of products when travelling, you can just store a dozen capsules in your luggage; magic. A number I'm going to recommend are also biodegradable, so just twist, squeeze and discard. I love Elizabeth Arden's Vitamin C Ceramide Capsules, which help to both brighten and repair the skin. And Eve Lom's Cleansing Oil Capsules which boast essential Omega fatty acids and their signature blend of botanical oils – swoon!

Oil-based products

Hydration, but make it extreme. The first time I really fell in love with an oil product was when I stumbled upon Clarins’ Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil – it's not sticky, and applies (and smells) like a dream – but since then the beauty industry has expanded into foundations (see: Kosa’s Tinted Face Oil), lip colours (see: Revlon’s Glow Lip Oil), cleansers (see: DHC Cleansing Oil) and sunscreens (see: Mesoestetic Mesoprotech Nourishing Anti-ageing Oil).

Fake tan

As we become more diligent with their SPF application (and re-application), those still wanting a bronzed glow are shying away from the sun and opting for the bottled version instead.

On trend are colourless, water-based formulas because, let’s be honest, in 2020 nobody has time for stained sheets. There are already a few products on the market including Eco Tan Face Tan Water, Tan-Luxe The Water, Bali Body Face Tan Water and St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Water Mousse.

Colour, colour, colour

Thanks to the success of teen TV drama/makeup inspo program Euphoria, paint your eyes with colour is a fun way to enter the new decade.

Forget plain ol' brown shadow and think bigger and brighter: blues, magentas, neons! Morphe do great palettes which feature both bold colours and neutrals (for those who can’t completely let go). The Jeffree Star Artistry Palette is bright and colourful (and to be honest a teeny bit too adventurous for me), but I love the Jaclyn Hill Palette. Anastasia Beverly Hills and Huda Beauty both also do fab themed palettes with a mixture of mattes, glitters and metallics. Check out Huda's Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette – 18 "incredible galactic inspired colours and textures"! – and Anastasia's Modern Renaissance Palette.

Everything you need to know before microblading your eyebrows

If shadow is too much, what about coloured eyeliner? You don't have to spend a lot for a little fun in the lash line. Both Sephora's own collection and NYX have affordable options. Check out Sephora's 12HR Contour Eye Pencil in Peacock Blue and Waterfall and NYX's Metallic Eyeliner in Rose Gold.

Lipstick-balm hybrids

Keeping a mirror on hand to reapply your lippy should be a thing of the past. I've always loved tinted lip balms and I believe this is their year to shine. Soft textures and rich pigments that ooze a "your lips but better" vibe.

I will forever pick stick products over those in pots because a) hygiene and b) accessibility. Glossier have a great matte version called Generation G, but I much prefer the shinier iterations like Mecca Cosmetica's Lip De-Luscious Glide in Rose, Chanel Les Beiges in Deep, Dior Lip Glow in Coral and Chantecaille Lip Chic in Damask. They're not only gorgeous but are super nourishing with ingredients such as vitamin E and shea butter.

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