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The All New Beauty Product You Drink!

Beauty Product

The All New Beauty Product You Drink!

Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea

The All New Beauty Product You Drink!

Beauty-fiends rejoice!  This year whether in lockdown or not - you can sip your way to healthy, strong and glowing hair, skin and nails thanks to Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea.  Yes!  Sip away those wrinkles as this is the ultimate new beauty product you DRINK that needs to be on your beauty Wish List!  Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea will give you your daily antioxidant and collagen boost!!  
This is no ordinary tea, it’s a tea with major benefits, and a great daily boost to your beauty regime! 
So, if you haven’t heard the hype, nor read the reviews, and don’t know what all the fuss is about – then you haven’t tried Fusspot Collagen Beauty Teas

Here’s five reasons why this innovative Australian beauty brand should headline your Beauty “Wish List” this year:  
A World First -  Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea is a game changer in the ingestible beauty space - Meet the world’s first collagen infused biodegradable tea bags! 

Environmentally Friendly - Boasting biodegradable and fully compostable teabags with non-bleached, non-toxic strings and recyclable boxes and tags – these collagen infused teabags are made from soilon fabric, helping to reduce your consumption of nanoplastics and microplastics – so they’re good for your skin AND the planet - win!  

Australian Made - Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea is the brainchild of a Melbourne-based avid-tea drinker, Sam Arcadipane, and is owned, blended, packed & produced right here on Australian soil. After discovering the benefits of drinking tea, and its’ powerful antioxidants that help enhance your skin and body from within, Sam searched far & wide on ways to combine organic tea with the world’s best hydrolyzed collagen peptides to really give you that ultimate antioxidant and collagen boost for your skin, hair and nails.  As a result, Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea was born in March 2020. Yes, right at the start of a pandemic!  

Organic - All teas have been developed with a Tea Master, and are made using premium organic teas, plants, organic herbs, dried flowers (tisanes), seeds, roots and spices, to help support your beauty from within and boosting your antioxidants. With no added sweeteners, fillers or additives, Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea is 100% natural, gluten free, keto-friendly, and can be served hot or cold.  

Collagen Infused - Containing the highest quality, concentrated and premium Type 1 grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine hydrolyzed collagen peptides, Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea promotes healthy, strong and glowing hair, skin and nails, ligaments, tendons, joints and bones, and of course glowing beauty from within!  By consuming just two cups per day, Fusspot Collagen Beauty Teas are an easy, affordable and highly beneficial beauty product that you can take every day with ease – just put the kettle on and pour yourself a cup!

So, what are the benefits? Fusspot Collagen Beauty Teas can help with: - 
  • Promotes enhanced skin hydration, helping to improve skin elasticity and firmness 
  • Support more supple skin tone, skin texture, and to help firm up sagging skin!
  • Assist with anti-ageing, reducing fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Assisting with hair loss, as well as brittle, greying, dry or thinning hair
  • Promote healthy hair growth and regeneration, thickness and shine!
  • Support & strengthen hair follicles 
  • Help improve nail quality and nail growth 
  • Support improved and stronger tendon, ligament, bones and joint health
  • Support improved gut health.
Winner of Global Awards  - Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea has already won global awards in its’ first 18 months, such as:-
  1. Winning The 2020 World Tea Awards for “The Best New Tea Start-up Globally” Category globally!
  2. A Finalist in the 2021 GLOBAL PURE BEAUTY AWARDS as “Best New Skin Supplement” in 2021
  3. They are accredited and proudly approved with THE GREEN EDIT as a brand curated within their collection of “The Best of Green Beauty” for their biodegradable and compostable teabags with non-bleached, non-toxic strings and recyclable boxes and tags!
Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea is available in a range of 11 delicious caffeinated & caffeine-free blends including green, black, white, herbal, chai and a matcha.  There is a sleep tea, a skin-boosting tea, a skin-saving tea, an energy tea, an immunity tea and even a pink tea - and they come in three formats across loose leaf tea, powder tea and biodegradable teabags!
This is no ordinary tea, it’s a tea with major benefits – so add it to your daily beauty routine and sip away the wrinkles - your skin will love you!

Available exclusively online at www.fusspottea.com with global shipping, and selected gift stores, beauty and hair salons and vitamin retailers within Australia!
  • 35g - 70g   Collagen Loose Leaf Blends RRP: $29.95 (approx 30 serves) 
  • 28 x            Collagen Tea Bag Blends :  RRP: $34.95  (28 teabags)
  • 390g           Collagen powder Tea Blends: RRP: $34.95 (approx 30 serves)
You can find us here www.fusspottea.com  or  Instagram on  @prettylittlefusspot 

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