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Swiss Excellence in Service of your Skin

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Swiss Excellence in Service of your Skin: Reverse Signs of Ageing with Cellular Facial Treatments at Clinique La Prairie Bangkok

Swiss Excellence in Service of your Skin:

March 2021: After a year ofheightened stress levels and no-touch policies, finding yourself in the expert hands of beauty professionals again feels like a revelation.

To level your beauty game up and use this time to completely overhaul your skincare routine, Swiss-trained wellnesspractitioners at Clinique La Prairie Aesthetics & Medical Spa offer a collection of facials targeting the signs of ageing even in the deepest layers of the skin.

A bastion of Swiss innovation in Thailand, Clinique La Prairie Bangkok exclusively uses Swiss Perfectionproducts. Featuring Cellular Active IRISA® complexand highly effective plant extracts to actively regenerate the skin and prevent premature aging, Swiss Perfection has extraordinary effects on mature skin by reducing the signs of time, while on younger skin premature ageing is prevented. The production of new and healthy cells is stimulated, and specific skin concerns are corrected.

Clinique La Prairie Bangkok

Responding to the skin’s specific conditions and needs, whether suffering from the effects of pollution resulting in rapid ageing and pigmentation or the loss of elastin that manifests in sagging and wrinkling, your one-on-one time with the clinic’s beauty specialist will address these concerns in a holistic way.

The perfect synergy between high-quality and high-technology formulas, results are immediate, visible and lasting, giving you a radiant and dramatically revitalised complexion with firmer, toned skin. Acting on a multidimensional level to target signs of ageing, the cellular high-tech exclusive liftingfacial offers spectacular immediate results by visibly lifting and improving the skin’s firmness while promoting cellular renewal. Specific and highly concentrated formulas target loss of firmness, sagging and wrinkles.

This facial acts as a natural facelift with long-term benefits –facial contours are remodelled, and wrinkles are smoothed away.Designed to balance melanin production, the cellular high-tech pigment lighteningtreatment works deep into the layer of the dermis directly targeting the cells responsible for hyperpigmentation.

Clinique La Prairie Bangkok

Supported by advanced technological research, this revolutionary facial instantly brightens and evens the complexion. The appearance of dark spots and pigmentation irregularities are visibly reduced, bringing immediate radiance and youthfulness to the skin.

A common problem familiar to many city-dwellers, pollution can wreak havoc on your skin. Thanks to the power of pure vitamin C, the cellular high-tech purifying anti-pollutionfacial with highly active antioxidants removes toxins and restores skin radiance. Acting as a shield against oxidative stress and other external aggressions, this highly stimulating vitamin cocktail is a combination of technologies that bring vitality and radiance to the skin.

Tissue oxygenation is increased; skin cells are energized and renewed. This treatment is the perfect cure to fight premature signs of ageing and environmental damage caused by free radicals.

A fundamental building block of wellness alongside nutrition and exercise, skin treatments are most effective when coupled with lifestyle changes and greater awareness of one’s body’s needs.

With that in mind, the clinic, which prides itself on its holistic approach to wellness, also offers cellular high-touch body treatments; healing therapies such as manual body lymphatic drainage, herbal compress immunity boost massage and visceral manipulation. In addition to lifting, pigment lightening and anti-pollution facials, Clinique La Prairie’s collection of skincare treatments also features facials designed for men and those suffering from severe skin dehydration.

Prices start at THB 7,500 for a 75-minute treatment. Reservations can be made by calling + 66 (0)2 207 7779 or emailing info@cliniquelaprairiebangkok.com.

For a limited time, enjoy a complimentary 60-min massage upgrade with any Swiss Perfection Facial purchase. Offer valid: Now -30 June 2021

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