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Marble Pumpkin – Thanksgiving Nail Designs

Marble Pumpkin

Marble Pumpkin – Thanksgiving Nail Designs

Marble pumpkin thanksgiving nail designsMarble nails are always an excellent choice for all types of events and occasions, and that includes Thanksgiving as well. 

The most popular version of marble pumpkin nail art is the one where each hand has a different color scheme, but you can choose to go with either if you feel like they’ll work. If you want to make this design even more special, try using glitter!

Black and orange is another fun color combination that looks great on nails, especially when done in the form of simple yet stunning nail art designs. 

This one will definitely impress everyone you know with its simplicity. After all, it’s not every day that someone sees an intricate handpainted design like this one.

If you’re into monochromatic designs, then this is also an option, but the colors that are usually used for this design are orange and white. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different color combos, though!

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