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Function of Beauty is best known for its custom shampoos, but I think its lesser-known custom hair mask is better

custom Function of beauty hair mask shampoos

Function of Beauty is best known for its custom shampoos, but I think its lesser-known custom hair mask is better

function of beauty hair mask
Function of Beauty's nourishing hair mask is customized just for your needs. 
Function of Beauty
  • Function of Beauty is a haircare startup that creates customized formulas based on your hair's specific needs.
  • The Function of Beauty Hair Mask ($19) is one of the brand's newer products and, in my opinion, it's the hero product of the entire collection.
  • It's affordable, comes with a lot of product, and is filled with moisturizing ingredients designed to help your individual hair goals. 

I frequently blow dry my hair, sometimes straighten it or curl it, and on top of all the heat-styling, I usually get highlights once or twice a year. So, whenever my fine hair starts to look dull or fried, I know why. 

A hair mask is an easy and affordable way to give damaged strands some extra TLC from the comfort of your own home. But even though they're super low-maintenance, I rarely take the time to add this step into my routine.

These days, I've found myself with a lot more free time than usual. As social distancing continues, gone are the days where I found my schedule booked with workout classes, birthday parties, dinners with friends, and other activities. As a silver lining, I've come to appreciate the things that ample free time has allowed me to do. Like many others, I've let myself indulge in the elaborate skincare routines and haircare regimens that I pushed aside before. And that includes using this Function of Beauty Hair Mask

What I like about this hair mask

Function of Beauty has a whole line of custom haircare products, but this is the one worth writing home about. Truthfully, I didn't love my Function of Beauty shampoo or conditioner. Although I liked the personalization process, I didn't feel that the products worked any better than my favorite drugstore options, especially for the higher price tag. So, I approached the brand's hair mask with low expectations. I'm happy to report that they were exceeded after the first use. 

function of beauty
The hair mask has a thick, smooth consistency that isn't oily. 
Function of Beauty/Facebook

While you might think hair masks are akin to conditioners, the reality is that they're even more powerful. With more active ingredients than a typical conditioner formula, hair masks actually penetrate individual cuticles and help strengthen hair from the roots. A few minutes with a hair mask on your damaged strands can make a world of difference.

While there are plenty of great options out there, I love Function of Beauty's for a few reasons. First and foremost is the clean ingredient list. It's vegan, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free, so I feel good knowing it'll be kind to my sensitive skin. Additionally, I have pretty thin hair, so I'm wary of using masks for fear that they'll make my hair greasy. Since Function of Beauty's formula is customized, it takes all of your hair qualms and goals into account. Here's a deep-dive into how that process works. 

The personalization process

Using Function of Beauty is simple. You'll follow these steps to create your customized formula:

  • Fill out a quiz about your hair type and hair structure (curly, straight, thick, fine, etc.)
  • Choose five hair goals (Do you want to banish brassiness? Reduce oil? Add shine or volume?)
  • Pick out a fragrance (some of the scent options include eucalyptus, shea butter and vanilla, and peach)
  • Choose from seven color tints (all 100% vegan and sulfate-free; you can also choose to leave it dye-free)

The hair quiz tells the FOB team everything they need to know about your hair, and the brand's algorithms work to find you the perfect formula. You also can choose the color and fragrance, and you even get to choose the name on your tub. 

How to use it

Because it's a customized formula, everyone's ingredient list and directions for how long to use the mask will differ. Generally, all of the masks feature nourishing argan oil and jojoba oil. The formulation isn't oily, and it has a thick, smooth texture. Function of Beauty recommends you use the mask in the shower. After shampooing and conditioning, you'll apply the mask from the mid-shaft of your hair to the ends, leave in for the recommended time, and then rinse. To be honest, I haven't always followed the directions this way, and it's still worked wonders for moisturizing my dry, damaged locks.

Function of Beauty hair mask
Function of Beauty also makes a hair serum if you're looking for another moisturizing product. 
Function of Beauty/Facebook

Personally, I like to leave the mask in my hair for longer than suggested (though Function of Beauty notes you shouldn't leave it in overnight), so I don't put it on while I'm in the shower — that would take way too long. Instead, I dampen my hair, run the hair mask from the roots down, and concentrate on the ends. Then, I tie my hair up in a bun and let the mask settle in for about 30 minutes to an hour before rinsing it out. Since I do concentrate a lot of the product in my fine hair, it can come off looking a little greasy. That's why I like to use the mask at night and then give my hair a second rinse in the morning. The result? My hair looks silky smooth and feels silky smooth.

Bottom Line

Using this hair mask once a week makes my hair appear shinier, feel stronger, and look healthier overall. My waves are bouncier, softer, and I feel like I can go au natural — no need to straighten or blowdry. The tub has 7.5 ounces of product, which may not sound like a lot, but it'll last you a long time. And, at $20 a tub, it's a luxury for your hair that won't break the bank. If you love the mask as much as I do, you can also opt-in to a Function of Beauty subscription that will deliver it to you every few months. 

I can't recommend a hair mask enough if you have dry, damaged strands, and Function of Beauty's is a great option. It looks cute in your bathroom, it's fun to customize, and it works well too. 

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