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Ware Collective Jewellery Brand Launch

Ware Collective Jewellery Brand Launch

Ware Collective

Launch of disruptive luxury silverware brand, Ware Collective


“Hot young things flocked to Bond Street to celebrate the much anticipated first collection from jewellery’s new kid on the block”


A balmy Thursday night in late July saw hoards of guests, vodka cocktails in hand, congregate on South Molton Street for Ware Collective’s solo pop-up and private party. A line that spoke elegance and individuality in the form of smooth-lined jewellery and minimalist accessories was received with high praise from an effortlessly chic crowd. And chic, Ware is. An understated and playfully ironic approach to luxury designed for those who appreciate meaningful value presented in an individual form


Sterling silver as a precious metal is at the core of the London-based brand. Whether as a dog tag sewn to a cap or spun into a luxuriously ludicrous straw, silver elevates the everyday essentials, exalting both relevancy and legacy and delivering a timely and timeless form of luxury

Transcending trends and championing sustainable style, a Ware item is the ultimate investment piece. The brand is quietly materialistic; appreciative of exceptional quality and actual value, playfully critical of indulgence whilst still succumbing to it.


From upscale street wear like cashmere hats and cotton caps to contemporary and minimalist jewellery featuring clean lines and smooth surfaces, the signature collection is stripped back and stylistically pure.Alternatively there are heavy metal, biker, rockstar pieces featuring iconic symbols like crucifix, chakras and skulls that are daring and high energy. Leather accessories from cardholders to toiletry bags are manufactured in beautiful heavy grain and smooth styles, making for lasting keepsakes for him and her. Stunning homeware objects handcrafted by British silversmiths include bottle openers, chopsticks and straws as well as traditional objet d’art bowls and picture frames.


Out with the candelabras and the frilly dinner sets, Ware delivers provocative and practical silverware.Silver spoons for ice cream only!


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