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The Gold Zodiac Jewellery Collection

The Gold Zodiac Jewellery Collection - The Perfect Luxury, Sustainable, Personalised Gift

Luluh Lane

Shropshire UK – August 2022 – Introducing Luluh Lane, an eco-conscious home decor and jewellery brand, offering a selection of ethical, stylish, and sustainable luxuries at affordable prices.  

With personalised jewellery continuing to trend and people on the look out for more unique, expressive gifts, Luluh Lane are launching a luxury jewellery collection, which encompasses individual star signs and birthstones. 

Luluh Lane are on a mission to inspire you to be proud of who you are, embrace your authentic self and live unapologetically. Their community is a celebration of  differences, an acknowledgement of individuality and an empowering space made for self-expression.
Luluh Lane believe that your jewellery should be as unique, versatile, and durable as you are. That's why they've created a line of revolutionary jewellery, made from pure hypoallergenic stainless steel and cutting edge 18ct gold plating—all with a 2 year guarantee against tarnishing or discolouration. Their jewellery is waterproof, heat resistant and life proof and is packaged in complimentary, plastic free, eco gift wrap. 

Their new collection includes twelve beautiful rings and twelve iridescent shell necklaces, all featururing a individual symbol representing each Zodiac sign. They are perfect for everyday wear, as a reminder of who you are and the world that surrounds you. 

Emma Moss, founder and CEO of Luluh Lane said: “I've always had really sensitive skin and so wearing fashion jewellery never an option, it would always irritate me and cause a reaction. I could only wear pure gold or silver, so buying jewellery was so expensive. I wanted to create a collection that was not only beautiful and expressive, but hypoallergenic and luxurious, without the price tag.

Our 18ct gold plated jewellery has the purest core of premium hypoallergenic stainless steel. Free from Nickel, Copper, Zinc and Brass. It can be worn day and night without fear of skin irritation, tarnishing or discolouring over time"

Luluh Lane have always had a commitment to sustainabiility and are completely plastic-free, from packaging to product.

They have also partnered with tree-nation in a mission to reforest the world. They have pledged to plant one tree for every order placed and as a business are proud to be planting trees all over the world. 

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