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Surfing is more than a sport.. it is ART.

Surfing is more than a sport.. it is ART.

Whyte Surfboards

We are a beautiful fusion of colour, pattern and design. We are not “white”, we are Whyte.

The history of surfing dates back to the ancient Hawaiian people where it was integrated it into their culture and made into an art. Whyte takes this history of art one step further by creating a beautiful fusion between the art of the board and the sport itself. A piece that serves as functional art and is just at home on your walls as it is in the waves.

Lauren Daly-Marsden is the founder and creative director of Whyte Surfboards. With a background in both art and interior design, Lauren has always been a lover of beautiful things and believes in the transformative effect they can have on the home. Lauren lives and breathes the white sandy beaches of the Gold Coast, which greatly influences her classic coastal inspired living aesthetic. When creating Whyte Surfboards, Lauren’s goal was to design luxurious, high quality boards that serve as beautiful works of art both in and out of the water.

Each board is designed, hand shaped  and made on the Gold Coast, Australia, by one of the countries most skilled surfboard craftsman to create world class unique designs that take place of the mass produced.

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