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New Limited Edition Dog Drying Coat

New Limited Edition Dog Drying Coat

Ruff And Tumble

The new Limited Edition Drying Coat launched exclusively for Crufts Dog Show in the UK, March 2022. Made with a 'Dusk' soft pink outer layer and a deep blue 'Ocean' inner layer and an 'Ocean' corduroy trim, it's the colour everyone has been wanting.

In 13 sizes from £36.95, XXS, to £66.95, Giant Mountain Dog.

Ruff And Tumble Drying Coats are made from high-quality, double thickness, cotton towelling. The two layers work to warm and dry the dog simultaneously, wicking wet from hair quickly.

Match with double layered Drying Mitts for legs and paws, £18.95.

Modelled on the design of a horse blanket, the coats are very simple to put on and take off. Perfect for after wet walks, bathtimes, hydrotherapy, working etc.

No more wet/muddy shake off, no more back breaking drying of soggy dogs and no more old towels!

In pic above: Dachshund Mini, £41.95
Pic below left: L, £51.95 and S, £43.95
Pic below right: M, £46.95

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