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Exclusive new collection for Glyndebourne

Exclusive new collection for Glyndebourne

Ottoman Silks Ltd

Ottoman Silks is delighted to launch a new bespoke collection
of clothing and accessories for Glyndebourne.

Launching in time for Glyndebourne Festival 2022 is a new bespoke collection of clothing and accessories by luxury textile specialists Ottoman Silks. The range has been made using the brand's iconic ‘Amina’ print in bespoke black silk, originally ​hand-woven for the ceremonial robes of Sultan Selim II (1524 – 1574), with a design that features an intricate staggered ogival lattice of tulips and medallions combined with a repeating horizontal pattern.
Glyndebourne founder John Christie encouraged the wearing of formal dress to the annual Glyndebourne Festival to show respect to the singers and musicians performing on stage. Fashions and attitudes may have changed since 1934, but the tradition continues and the opportunity to wear something special, whatever your style, is still embraced by the Glyndebourne audience. It was with this in mind that this new bespoke collection was created, offering Glyndebourne audience members the chance to take a little piece of the glamour home with them, whether it be a kaftan, a keyring or a waistcoat.
Ottoman Silks was founded in 2011 by Ros Pollock who moved with her family to Turkey. It was here that she first encountered the collection of Sultans’ kaftans at Topkapi Palace, Istanbul, and her interest and respect for Ottoman heritage took hold. Unable to find these same Imperial designs anywhere in Turkey, she commissioned one of the best silk mills in Bursa, Turkey’s silk capital, and began weaving these exquisite patterns again for the first time in half a millennium. With the help of her friend Carol Karadag, the collection was officially launched in 2014 at the British Embassy and Ottoman Silks was born.
Founder & Creative Director of Ottoman Silks says of the collaboration: ‘It is such a privilege to create a bespoke fabric and collection for Glyndebourne and the new black silk, jacquard woven in our Amina design, perfectly mirrors the understated luxury for which Glyndebourne is known. Dressing up has always been part of the Glyndebourne Festival experience  hence why I feel this collaboration is so perfect.’
The new bespoke Ottoman Silks for Glyndebourne collection launches in May 2022 and will be available to purchase at www.glyndebourneshop.com as well as the on-site Glyndebourne gift shop. 
Notes to Editors
  • Prices start at £18 for a key ring up to £1,600 for a dressing gown.

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