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Dad's The Word

Dad's The Word


Father’s Day is coming our way, and this year finding the best Father’s Day gifts and celebrating dads and father figures, is even more important than ever before. Once, only seen as breadwinners and disciplinarians, masculinity is reborn with sensitivity and vulnerability. 

FRAHM https://frahmjacket.com are a fashion brand that is the opposite to fast fashion, their sustainable jackets last a lifetime and they have launched a mental health awareness campaign with CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably). And to date have raised over £43,000 for mental health charities since their launch in 2018

In praise of all discerning dads we’ve shortlisted the brand new jackets designed by FRAHM and available from www.frahmjacket.com


The FRAHM Harrington Racer Jacket innovates a classic aesthetic with added beauty, toughness and performance. The Harrington is shower & abrasion resistant, breathable and fast-drying, whilst still maintaining its sleek masculine design.  

Colours; Racing Red, Military Green, Navy Blue, Bracken Stone Tartan 

RRP: £236.00


THe FRAHM Lightweight Ripstop Parka is different. Tailored yet forgiving of body shapes, extremely adjustable, absolutely loads of storage and despite light, very tough.

Colours; Admiral Blue, Khaki Green, Tiger Orange

RRP: £380.00


A military influenced design, with toughness at its core, accentuated by the chunk of the taped-on buttons. This is go-to for summer evening trips into town and cool morning walks with the dogs.

Colours; Admiral Blue, Khaki Green, Tiger Orange

RRP: £236.00

Who are FRAHM?

FRAHM make tougher, more beautifully detailed jackets, for your real world. A world as tough as it is beautiful. They talk about both. They're not trying to be a massive corporation. They don't make many jackets. They don't want to - less pressure and a kinder life. So their customers pre-order to reserve the exact jacket they want before it's gone. It's not just about making & selling stuff. FRAHM don't see men's brands that reflect our values. It's all too perfect and unreachable. That is damaging. Real-life can be as tough as it is beautiful. Sometimes, it can be horrifically tough or transcendentally beautiful.

Why all this? In 2017, FRAHM founder, Nick suffered a nervous breakdown that made him suicidal. Nick is completely honest and direct about his journey, in the hope that it helps others. "If we say this stuff, it de-stigmatises opening up about it and talking is vital."

FRAHM donate £10 from every jacket sold to CALM, speak openly about mental
health and champion honest and direct conversations. And to date have raised over £43,000 for mental health charities since their launch in 2018.

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