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Viral Content Creator Shares her Sweet Success Story

Viral Content Creator Shares her Sweet Success Story

As featured on LAWEEKLY, previous BuzzFeed producer & current content creator Alix Traeger is ready to fully immerse audiences into her world with revamped channel and perspective. Known for giving clever and simple cooking advice that anyone can follow, from first timers to seasoned hosts, Alix is setting up and evolving to become a household name.


Boasting nearly 1.5M followers across her personal social media accounts, the former BuzzFeed Tasty food host known for showing how cooking can be both accessible and adventurous at the same time. A firm believer that life is meant to be messy, Alix has since evolved to show the world who she really is outside her known persona. She now features digital content that includes travel, dining out, health & wellness, fashion & beauty, and has been featured on The Kelly Clarkson Show as well as secured partnerships with major brands such as Wal Mart, Oscar Mayer, Postmates and Albertsons. Early this year she made news when she introduced her girlfriend Zoya to fans in a coming out video.


Late in 2021, Alix Traeger shared a hack on TikTok for ordering "the best Caesar salad in the world" at The Cheesecake Factory. It recommended ordering the Caesar Salad and subbing in Louisiana Chicken with some caramelized onions on top. The video gathered more than three million views and became so popular that the chain best known for its desserts, added the salad to its menu. This was the first time the chain added a ‘fan made creation’ to their menu and gained press coverage nationwide.


Traeger, joined the BuzzFeed creators program in 2018 when she was a producer at Tasty. After gaining experience pitching to brands directly, she quit her full-time job at Tasty to become a freelancer. Now one of BuzzFeed’s external creators with over 370,000 followers on Instagram and over 730,000 followers on TikTok, Traeger does a mix of “bigger” brand deals with Tasty and “smaller-scale” deals she lands on her own. Most of Traeger’s work is now on TikTok. Her live videos are part of a year-long deal in which BuzzFeed airs weekly live video series, with sponsors secured by TikTok.

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