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HONOLULU, HI – Say goodbye to summer and hello to fall! It’s time to get cozy and enjoy the flavors of fall with Honolulu Cookie Company’s newest collection!


Honolulu Cookie Company is falling for the new season by bringing back a seasonal favorite, the White Chocolate Pumpkin cookie. The White Chocolate Pumpkin premium shortbread cookies are wonderfully sweet and perfectly spiced, making it a go-to fall treat.


To accompany their fall classic, Honolulu Cookie Company is also introducing two new flavors –  Gold Chocolate Dipped Butter Macadamia and Gold Chocolate Dipped Kona Coffee.  The Gold Chocolate Dipped Butter Macadamia premium shortbread cookies are the perfect combination of their classic buttery shortbread with a taste of caramel. The Gold Chocolate Dipped Kona Coffee premium shortbread cookie is a delicious blend of Kona Coffee, toffee and cream.


Indulge in these fall flavors with Honolulu Cookie Company’s Fall Collection Box (16 cookies, 5 flavors) and Pumpkin Mini Bites Snack Pack (7oz). Both products are available in-stores and online beginning August 24, while supplies last. Also, fill up a Halloween Treat Box (5 cookies) in-stores at the A La Carte Station or find it pre-packed (5 flavors) online. Found your perfect fall flavor? Single Flavor Boxes (16 cookies) will also be available online in White Chocolate Pumpkin, Gold Chocolate Dipped Butter Macadamia and Gold Chocolate Dipped Kona Coffee.


For the most up-to-date information on Honolulu Cookie Company store hours and locations, visit www.honolulucookie.com/content/store-locations.asp.


You can also find their Pumpkin Mini Bites available in a 16oz resealable bag at select Costco locations across Hawaiʻi, Los Angeles, the Bay Area and Japan. Updates will be listed on their website: https://www.honolulucookie.com/content/find-us-at-costco.asp


The first Honolulu Cookie Company bakery opened in 1998, eventually expanding and opening retail locations across O‘ahu, Maui, Las Vegas and Guam. Wrapped in unique signature packaging, each box of cookies can be presented as a treasured gift and shared with those who mean the most to you. The company’s iconic pineapple-shaped premium shortbread cookies continue to be inspired by the tropical flavors and spirit of Hawai‘i.


For more information on Honolulu Cookie Company’s Fall Collection, visit www.honolulucookie.com, or call (866) 333-5800.

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