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Level Up Your Game Room!

Level Up Your Game Room!


If your New Year's resolution is to de-clutter and sort out your gaming area so you can simply focus on your gaming tactics, then you are definitely going to need one of these beauties. Numskull has some new gaming lockers guaranteed to add a touch of class to your gaming area with great designs paying tribute to some hot franchises.


Sitting neatly on a desktop or shelf, you can store your games inside, pop your headphones on top and controllers on the side when you’ve finished play, plus there’s a super handy drawer for hiding away cables and other gaming bits.


Numskull has introduced 5 new designs to its growing range of Gaming Lockers


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Cowabunga Turtles fans, kit out this locker, order some pizza and get gaming!




Star Trek - Trekkie fans will love the Star Trek lockers based on the design of the commander uniform. Two new lockers in yellow and blue join the red locker launched last year.



Dungeons & Dragons – roll the dice, but never split the party! D&D fans, while you’re waiting for the new movie this year, spend some time revamping your game space.



Game of Thrones – winter is coming, and so is this new locker with the very cool Fire & Blood design showing allegiance to the House of Targaryen. ‘I will take what is mine with fire and blood.



  • Holds up to 10 PS4/PS5/Xbox games and movies
  • Hang up to 4 controllers
  • Securely holds your headphones on the top
  • Bottom draw for cables, remotes and other equipment
  • Front doors that open and close

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