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Korean Actress Stars Opposite Christoph Waltz in New Amazon Series!

Korean Actress Stars Opposite Christoph Waltz in New Amazon Series!

From board-certified Dentist to major network actress, Korean American actress, Gloria John proves that you can reinvent yourself and follow your dreams at any age. John will next be seen in the upcoming Amazon Prime dark comedy series “The Consultant”, opposite two-time Academy Award-winning actor Christoph Waltz, which premieres Friday, February 24th.



“The Consultant” Teaser:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkotEPFDeWk


“The Consultant”, based on the novel of the same name by Bentley Little, is a biting workplace satire that is as suspenseful as it is darkly funny. The series follows ‘Mr. Patloff’ (Waltz), a bow-tie-wearing consultant who comes to the rescue of CompWare after their CEO mysteriously dies and a prominent merger falls through, and seemingly starts running the company. John plays the CEO’s grieving Korean mother who flies into town to try and understand the loss of her son who was an emerging tech leader and founder of the prominent startup company. The series is created by Tony Basgallop (“Inside Man”, “Servant”) with Matt Shakman (“WandaVison”) and Waltz attached as executive producers.


Born in South Korea, from a young age John’s goal was to become a doctor so that she could make enough money to support herself and mother so they could leave a domestic violence household ran by her mentally and physically abusive father. At the age of 14, she left home for Chicago where she began learning English and taking courses to graduate from high school and pursue a career in dentistry. She worked hard and was constantly challenged by the language barrier coupled with a lifelong battle with depression, but she was able to succeed and finish dental school, ultimately opening her own dental practice in Chicago. She flew back home and was able to help her mother flee the abusive household as well – successfully fulfilling her lifelong goal.


 After 8 years working as a dentist, John began to explore her own passions in the Arts. Her mother, who had been a famous radio personality in Korea, gave her the inspiration to fulfill her ultimate dream of becoming an actress. She rolled up her sleeves and got to work – enrolling in as many acting classes as she could, joining Second City Chicago, and landing acting roles I several theatre productions. After getting a taste of her true passion, she knew that if she was going to take this new career path seriously, she would need to make the move to Los Angeles. She produced and starred in the incredible short film DEAR TONY, about a woman who makes the tough decision to leave her husband, which aired on DirecTV. Additionally, she starred in the indie award-winning series “What Brings You In?” and is currently developing the film A WASP IN THE WIND CHIME, a female empowerment revenge tale.


John is a double Black Belt in samurai swords, and she would love to use the skill in a film or acting project in the future. John is also an advocate for women and children in domestic violence situations, and is a supporter of mental health awareness.

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