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ZUZWA: Bringing a New Dawn to a Timeless Brand: 60-Year Old Luxury

ZUZWA: Bringing a New Dawn to a Timeless Brand: 60-Year Old Luxury

The luxury fashion market has seen a huge growth in the last couple of decades, with luxury fashion sales at US$97.23bn in 2022. ZUZWA was launched in 1959 by Makram Tadros, his unique designs becoming much sought-after. He created timeless, beautiful pieces and a legacy that still resonates throughout the ZUZWA brand today.

Fashion and technology are seeing a historic crossover, ZUZWA is on the edge of innovation with trendy technologies such as NFTs & blockchain, virtual reality & shows, virtual boutiques, and digital fashion. ZUZWA is reinventing and innovating at every step of the customer journey.

ZUZWA is a carbon-neutral company, with a detailed plan which includes giving back to the communities we do business in, sourcing ethically, and working hand-in-hand to strengthen the brand’s traceability efforts.

It was inevitable that ZUZWA would expand into fashion, launching its first clothing range in 2009. Bringing the same values to fashion as it did to high jewellery, ZUZWA clothing encapsulates style, dedication, and fondness for art as an expression of self.

  • We are at the forefront of innovation in fashion tech, our approach is to embrace technology in various steps of our processes from production to marketing.
  • The ZUZWA brand is Made in Italy & France, and it stands for fabrics and labor quality, it’s a guarantee and it is synonymous with safety, and an evergreen style, our high-quality raw materials, elegant style, precious details, and durability are unmistakable.
  • We are proud to be a sustainability-focused brand.

“Creating high jewellery is all about timelessness and attention to detail. A New Dawn focuses on timelessness in the context of the beauty that surrounds us in nature, and our interpretation of continuation and change.” Mina Tadros, ZUZWA

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