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Victoria's Arctic Fashion gearing up for New York Fashion Week

Lisa Dyck New York Fashion Week Victoria Kakuktinniq Victoria's Arctic Fashion Victoria's Arctic Fashion gearing up for New York Fashion Week

Victoria's Arctic Fashion gearing up for New York Fashion Week

Victoria Kakuktinniq is the designer behind Victoria's Arctic Fashion. In February she will be heading to her second international fashion show within the last year. (Submitted by Victoria Kakuktinniq)

Victoria's Arctic Fashion will be hitting a New York City runway in February. 

Victoria Kakuktinniq, who is from Rankin Inlet, is the Winnipeg based designer behind the fashion line. She will showcase eight different looks during New York Fashion week.

She made the announcement on her personal Facebook page Tuesday. 

But her designs will not be the only ones making a debut. Kakuktinniq is collaborating with other Nunavut designers to help put the looks together. 

"I'm just so glad that I'm able to work with my lifelong friends who are amazing artists and who will be collaborating with me on this piece," said Kakuktinniq.

Nooks Lindell, one of the designers behind Hinaani, will be making accessories for the looks in New York Fashion week. (Submitted by Nooks Lindell )

Artist from the apparel company Hinaani Designs, such as Nooks Lindell and Lori Tagoona, will be working with Kakuktinniq. Lindell will be making accessories for the designs, such as earrings and headpieces, while Tagoona will be doing the beadwork and embellishments on the garments. As well, Lisa Dyck, who was Kakuktinniq's instructor in fashion school, will help with patterns and garment construction. 

"We are taking a more traditional take on this collection, which we are very excited about," said Kakuktinniq. 

Last year, Kakuktinniq presented her designs during Paris Fashion Week where she showcased a spring/summer collection. In New York she will present a fall/winter collection, which she says is more of her expertise. 

Victoria Kakuktinniq spring/summer collection shown at Paris Fashion Week. (Submitted by Victoria Kakuktinniq)

"We are so excited to showcase our traditional roots and grateful for this wonderful opportunity," said Kakuktinniq. 

Tagoona worked with Kakuktinniq on the beadwork for the collection shown at Paris Fashion Week. 

"It feels like a very neat opportunity to combine the past and the present and make way for the future," said Tagoona. "This is just the beginning of Inuit designers making it onto international forums." 

The show will be at Pier59 Studios on Feb. 8. 

Victoria Kakuktinniq design from Paris Fashion week being modelled for a show in Iqaluit. (Submitted by Victoria Kakuktinniq)
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