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Trending Now: Stunning Sapphires

Trending Now: Stunning Sapphires

Lily Blanche

Sapphires are the gemstone Gen Z is desperate to get its hands on. Ever since Diana, Princess of Wales, revealed her engagement ring to the world, we’ve had a love affair with sapphires. Sapphires have long been admired by royalty for their clarity and colour. But now, a new generation of consumers is desperate to get their hands on the royal blue gemstone for its special properties and meanings.

Google Trends searches for ‘sapphire engagement rings’ are on the rise as Gen Z looks for alternatives to diamonds including sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Sapphires are also taking Tiktok by storm with creators such as Emily Mariko opting for sapphire engagement rings.

Sapphires have long been admired by royalty thanks to Diana, Princess of Wales. Now, 25 years after her passing, sapphires are still highly sought-after for their special properties. Consumers are searching for meaningful jewellery to promote spirituality or wellness. 

Those born in September are lucky to have the sapphire gemstone as their birthstone. Sapphires symbolise wisdom and are strongly associated with the Virgo star sign. Many believe that sapphires help soothe the mind, body and soul and bring positive energy to those who wear them.

Specialising in genuine gemstone jewellery, luxury British jewellery brand Lily Blanche has announced its new sapphire collection for 2022. The new collection features sapphire necklaces, bangles, hoop earrings and stud earrings and is now available to purchase on its website www.lilyblanche.com

Founder and designer Gillian Crawford explains: "Sapphires are timeless and priceless and have long been a favourite with collectors of precious gemstones. Now a new generation is discovering sapphires as brands, such as Lily Blanche make them affordable and accessible, and creators such as Emily Mariko make them popular.

The deep blue sapphire, the most sought-after version of the gemstone, chimes with current trends from ‘dopamine dressing’ to ‘dreamy blue’. Such a versatile gemstone, sapphires work as well with everyday denim as they do on the red carpet”

The Lily Blanche sapphire jewellery collection features genuine sapphire gemstones cut into facets to show off the light-reflecting properties of the stones. Prized for their cut and colour, the sapphire gemstones are crafted in sterling silver, 18-carat gold and rose gold vermeil. Discover the new Lily Blanche Birthstone Collection at www.lilyblanche.com

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