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Sustainably Made Festival Fashion and Accessories From Neonimo

Sustainably Made Festival Fashion and Accessories From Neonimo


Help take care of Mother Earth this festival season
We love the summertime buzz of festivals. We don our wellies, pack a mac, and with sunnies atop our heads, happily skip around fabulous festival days. But with all this festivalling comes some rather unsavoury side effects to the environment. According to a report by Creative Carbon Scotland, UK festival-goers create the equivalent of over 2.7kg of waste per person per day. 

What can we do?
We can still revel in festivals and reduce our carbon footprint by doing a few simple things. We have put together our top 10 tips for a more sustainable festival season. Below are three of them about sustainably-made festival fashion and accessories from Neonimo. At Neonimo, all our products are designed by me in my London studio, and handmade in one facility in the UK by trained craftspeople using sustainability focused practices. 

1. Festival Fashion 
Opt for ethically made or vintage fashion rather than fast fashion, like our Eco Wear collection made from 100% recycled fabric. Swap those plastic face gems for biodegradable body paint or eco glitter and feature a banging pair of our handmade festival sunnies to complete the festival look!

2. Festival Outer Wear 
Pack a mac, not a disposable poncho. Fold them up and they’re great cushions to sit on, too. Our sustainably-made water-resistant statement men's and women's bombers are a great alternative to ponchos: they look awesome and are practical, especially in the cooler evenings.

3. Festival Accessories 
Take reusable bottles and top up at water stations rather than buying bottled water in disposable plastics. Thermal bottles can be used to keep drinks cold, too. Travel coffee mugs are also brilliant for getting hot drink refills.

Want to know more?
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