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Rethinking waste: Jewellery handmade with upcycled materials

Jewellery upcycled materials

Rethinking waste: Jewellery handmade with upcycled materials


"It is not waste until we waste it."
Brisbane, QLD - 10 August 2021 - A lot of what we treat as disposable is actually good quality, long-lasting packaging material that should not be produced for single use only.  

The aluminium used for soft drink cans, for instance, used to be a precious metal. The material retains its features for decades, and it never loses its colour nor shine. Likewise, the plastic used for shampoo bottles is colourful, flexible, translucid and incredibly durable.

Akili Australia, a small local business based in Brisbane, is launching jewellery handmade with upcycled packaging materials. The pieces are colourful, long-lasting, and certainly will make people question why perfectly re-usable materials are disposed of every day. A Brazilian Jewellery designer created the collection to showcase that everyday packaging materials polluting the environment last more than a lifetime and are easily repurposed as precious jewellery.  

“When I was separating recyclable from organic waste, I noticed the amount of resistant, beautiful and colourful materials people discarded after only one use. I then realised I could create beautiful pieces with these materials. So a few days later, I created the first environmentally friendly Jewell.” - Jewellery designer: Carol Barreto. 

The product range includes necklaces, rings and earrings handcrafted with a combination of silver or hypoallergenic stainless steel and upcycled plastic bottles, aluminium cans and even x-ray plates.

See the entire collection at: www.akili.com.au/upcycled-jewellery

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