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Loungewear to Live In from Welligogs

Loungewear Welligogs

Loungewear to Live In from Welligogs

Working from home is about to get cosier as we introduce our new Loungewear Range made from a beautiful cashmere/merino wool blend: carefully chosen renewable fibres that are all natural.

The winter days will become just that bit more bearable wrapped up in one of these sets. Our beautiful Hoodie and Lounge Jogger sets come in two shades: Wheat and Granite. The cashmere/wool blend feels light as air, yet is up to eight times more warming than other wool knitwear. With two pockets and a hood, it can be worn under a jacket or over a t-shirt. Our journey to provide sustainable fashion has led us to use these raw, renewable fibres, certified by the IWTO. This stunningly soft set could be the ultimate answer to a WFH outfit, or a thoughtful gift to a loved one.


The cashmere that we use is made from the wool of Kashmir goats, which is known for being light, soft and warm, and is our most luxurious yarn. These goats produce their fine long hair in very small quantities, which exacerbates its demand and quality. Our yarn is made by weaving two threads together to make it stronger and softer than high street jumpers. Not only are these pieces incredibly luxurious, but they're also practical as they are machine washable at 30 degrees.

Our 100% merino wool is another quality yarn. The wonderfully silky texture comes from the australian merino sheep, and is naturally elastic and flexible, which makes it perfect for more active usage. Incredibly, merino wool is known for its low maintenance qualities as it absorbs odor and is more-or-less stain repellent, making it the perfect fabric as we go into the warmer seasons. These garments are less likely to pill and have a lovely sheen, which makes it the perfect garment to buy once, and wear forever.

Welligogs is a British designed, family run company and prioritises locally sourced materials. Our range is designed to be beautiful, wearable and unique. Not only is everything made with painstaking attention to detail, but we think it’s important to promote sustainable raw materials such as wool, cotton, linen or other fabrics, and we do everything we can to give back to our wonderful planet. We also aim to source materials locally to ensure that we are supporting local communities and businesses.


Our Loungewear is available to buy online right now!

Hoodie - £89

Lounge Jogger - £69

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