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Le Corgi Official Collection To Home From London

Home From London Le corgi Official

Le Corgi Official Collection To Home From London

Also known as "Le Corgi" on social media, Marcel is a fluffy Pembroke Welsh Corgi that lives in London with his French uprights. We’ve combined his most adorable shots and our artistic skills to create a PAWsome Corgi Collection.

To Home From London is a mix of Creative Studio & Workshop based in Camden Town. All our original artworks are hand-painted in watercolours and our products are crafted in the UK.

Le Corgi’s exclusive pawtraits are now available on the To Home From London website where we ship worldwide. The best part is that 4% of the proceeds will be donated to Mayhew, the pet charity Marcel volunteers for. 

Prices range from £5-£15  
Now a renowned food and travel critic (or so he likes to call himself) and top UK pet blogger who is often seen mingling with stars, like Helena Bonham- Carter. The self-titled (and literally) "most down to earth member of the Royal Family" loves nothing more than brightening people's days, and encourage them to "grab the biscuit" (because life is short, like him). 

If you have any queries or would like to get your paws on some samples please do not hesitate to contact Bella at: 


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