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Face covering consciousness- making them sustainable and personal!

Face covering consciousness sustainable

Face covering consciousness- making them sustainable and personal!

Waring Brooke

Face covering consciousness- making them sustainable and personal!


Based in rural Nottingham, England, Waring Brooke has created a face covering you will definitely recognise as your own.  Each one is bespoke made by creating your own unique geometric pattern from your initials. There is no question which covering is yours as it is stamped with your initials throughout!


We are a nation proudly becoming more aware of reducing waste and living a sustainable lifestyle. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, it had an unfortunate side effect of the increased use of disposable masks. British knitwear designer Samantha Brooke from ‘Waring Brooke’ takes a multi-pronged approach to reducing fashion waste with a vision of the future firmly in mind.


The ethically sourced natural fibres used are biodegradable and the coverings are 100% machine washable with normal detergent making them reusable and better for the environment! Samantha’s personalised accessories have been seen in Vogue and Tatler. Her work led her to be highlighted as ‘one to watch’ in the fashion industry.

“I am passionate about the move away from fast fashion which is polluting our planet.  One solution lies in buying less and choosing better quality items that are made as ethically as possible.”

For the conscious consumer, the thought of using disposable masks in everyday life may not sit so well. We must not forget to focus on living sustainably and invest in ethical and sustainable brands such as Waring Brooke, who makes sustainable and reusable face coverings to stay safe, look great and feel unique at only £12.50!

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