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Dog Friendly Beach Wear

beach wear dog Dog Friendly Beach Wear

Dog Friendly Beach Wear

Ruff And Tumble

Make day trips to the beach with your dog easy with Ruff and Tumble's Beach Dog Drying Coats.
Cheerfully stripey, they dry dogs fast and hold that wet dog pong in brilliantly. Wet, sandy and smelly dogs are not pleasant on a two hour trip home. Drying Coats are the dog friendly leisurewear you need for you and your dog on the beach.

Made of two layers of soft and highly absorbent
cotton towelling, they wick wet away from dogs, leaving them dry and comfortable. Super for arthritic older dogs and outdoorsy active dogs alike, they do away with trying to dry dogs with towels.

In twelve sizes and priced from £41.50-£69, they fit small terriers to mountain dogs. Every dog can be warmer, drier and happier after sea dips in the UK this year. And every owner can manage their unmanageable wet dogs in a no hassle, simple way. 

03332079960 | www.ruffandtumbledogcoats.com

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