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Diana Dieppa accende di colori il Red Carpet

Diana Dieppa accende di colori il Red Carpet

Dieppa Couture

She has just been to China SHENGZE FASHION WEEK 2021, as a special guest for Design Week, and will still be on stage in Miami for her first North American show. Diana Dieppa driven by passion, talent, discipline, authenticity and a strong commitment in trying to enhance the femininity of women with her made in Italy clothes has conquered the international fair sex. The Diana Dieppa label, which takes its name from the designer, is the result of a journey between Colombia, of which she is originally from, and Rome, which has become synonymous with her inspiration and passion.

It is aimed at a sexy and elegant woman, never vulgar, Dieppa, a woman who gets excited and who still wants to dream. His latest collection (a great work) is made up of ten garments in gold and black, like the color of the stars in the night sky, in red like the color of passion, and then silk, transparencies, lace. The designer with twenty years of experience in the fashion world has received many awards and important recognitions: from the "Design Fashion Award" in 2017, to the "Glamor Design" from Paestum in 2019 to the last in 2021 in Guangzou, China, where she won the "Elegance in Fashion of the Silk Road" award after the presentation of his new "Divina Eleganza" collection.

Diana Dieppa

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