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Christmas presents for dogs - and you...

christmas Dog

Christmas presents for dogs - and you...

Ruff And Tumble

There's nothing better than buying a christmas present for someone that benefits you too - cheeky but very tempting and satisfying.
When buying for the dog this year, why not invest in some Ruff and Tumble products, which do just that?
Drying and stylish on dogs and time saving and practical for humans, they are a double winner.
Drying Coats dry dogs completely - unlike towels - and all you have to do is pop it over the dog's head, fasten with velcro and watch the dog dry itself. Two layers of thick cotton towelling wick wet from the dog's hair and they are so comfy and warm to wear, dogs love them. In 16 sizes from XXXS-Giant Mountain Dog, from £26-£64, and eight stock colours, all breeds from 1-120Kg can find one to suit them.

Match with a pair of Drying Mitts, £18, and the legs and paws will be dried easily and quickly too. These make a great stocking filler or a present for the new dog owner/dog lover. Hung up by the back door or in the car, muddy paws on floors are stopped in their tracks.

Main pic above: Burgundy Country Coat, L, with a faux leather trim: £49 plus P&P
Below L-R: Brick Red Drying Mitts, £18 plus P&P; Brick Red Classic Drying Coat, L, £44 plus P&P;  Brick Red Drying Coat, ML, £39 plus P&P.

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